Sunday, October 19, 2008

Randomness in no particular order

I should have bought this shirt. Style = fart ...........hummm???
Annie-Marie posing with some clowns in the subway. Korea never gets boring
A Japanese punk band was playing in Hongdae last Saturday. We ran into them on the street and I asked if I could take a picture
Annie hanging out with her boyfriend Hodge in the Hongdae park. Yes parks in Korea are paved.
Yah too many people shopping at Costco = one big headache.........especially since they just push and bump your cart like it is some kind of nintendo game
This is what happens when there is a BIG SALE in Korea. I was getting pushed and elbowed so much that I had to leave before I was gonna knock somone out
A shop close to Insadong -- the cultural area of Korea
These buildings never get old
Hanging lanterns
Who needs lunch when you can eat apples for free?
Annie showing off her new haircut and blue scarf. Looking good my friend

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