Friday, October 17, 2008

The proposal story

After a few days of fighting bronchitis and loosing my voice, yet still making it to work, I have decided it's about darn time to tell you how this little story all begin!!!!

So here it is............

For those of you who have read my blog since the beginning (stalkers) then perhaps you remember these 5 posts about Nami Island. You don't remember? Okay neither did I, so take a peak at them by clicking on the above link.

I went to Nami Island with Sung Hyun and a couple of his Korean friends two years ago. This was our first vacation out of Seoul together. It was at the end of this vacation that something inside of me was screaming, 'you can't go back to Canada just yet, you're not quite finished with Korea'. Because remember that I was only supposed to come to Korea for a year and then return back home. This vacation was a deciding factor for me -- I WOULD COME BACK TO KOREA.

Okay so that's a bit of history, now fast forward 2 years. On Sunday October 12th Sung Hyun and I, plus another couple (mutual friends of ours), decided to go back to Nami Island. It started out normal with some yummy food and 'couple pics'

My mind flooded with memories as we walked along the island. Sung Hyun told me that Nami was a happy spot. I was happy too!!!

We sat down at this picnic table to take some pictures. The way the light was shining through the trees was beautiful. Sung Hyun got up and went to the bathroom while I started taking pictures of the other couple we were with. I heard my cell phone ring and noticed that it was Sung Hyun. That's when I blurted out 'oh something must be wrong with Sung Hyun!!!!' because why would he be calling me from the bathroom.

I answered the phone and this is the conversation that took place (as I remember):

Sung Hyun: 'hey Jen, I love you so much'

Me: [I knew from the quivering in his voice that something was up] 'ummmm okay, Sung Hyun. Where are you?'

Sung Hyun: 'I'm in the toilet'

Me: 'why are you saying this to me on the phone from the bathroom, why don't you just come here!!!'

Sung Hyun: 'hey Jen, do you love me?'

Me: 'ummmmm yes, why?

Sung Hyun: 'because I want to live my life together forever with you'

Me: 'what the hell are you talking about, okay I'm hang up the phone now Sung Hyun'

Sung Hyun: 'hey Jen, look at me'

I turned around and about 20 feet behind me in the big path lined with trees was Sung Hyun stopped dead in his tracks. I could see he was holding something in his hands. I watched him, in tears, as he went down on one knee and held out his hand with the ring box.

I turned to looked at my friends and said 'did you know about this' as tears were streaming down my face. I got up and ran to him completely unaware of anyone else around me. I knelt down to give him a huge hug and remember just crying and saying 'are you kidding me? Is this real or just a joke?'

For those of you who know Sung Hyun, he's quite the joker. Loves to get everyone to laugh. I was waiting for the JUST JOKING!!!!!

I stood up and then he put the ring on my finger and said 'Can you marry me?'. And at this point I was still in shock and couldn't say anything. I remember him saying 'Do you say YES?????' And I replied with 'YES, how much do you love me?' (because this is our big joke.....when he tells me he loves me I ask him 'how much' and he always responds in money). He replied with 'shipwon' which means 10cents. We burst out laughing (see he's a joker). I said 'you want to marry me and you only love me shipwon?'

Here is the real deal. This picture was taken when I finally stood up and accepted the ring. Two things to note here. 1) The expression of both couples to either side of us (I love it). 2) I am holding my right hand just under my elbow. This is a Korean custom that when giving or receiving things from someone of higher status or age you must do so with two hands. I didn't do this purposely, rather it's just become quite natural.

l think we were both crying in this pic. Spent the next hour in a daze. I asked Sung Hyun if he talked to my father. I told him awhile back that if he wanted to marry me he must ask my father first. This kinda became a joke between me and my mom. Poor Sung Hyun was so nervous to talk to my father. So when I asked if he asked my dad he said 'no it's too scary' but then assured me he would say something when my mom called later that night for our weekly Sunday night chat.

Thanks to Shane and Yu Jeong for taking pictures of us for the next few hours ;)

Here's the re-enactment

Double trouble!!!!_________________________________________

On the drive back to Seoul we decided to stop at a restaurant that was also very significant to us. Just a week before we went to Nami Island for the first time 2 years ago, we went to this cool restaurant in the woods. That day at work I had gotten my boss to write a letter to him in Korea to explain that I was unable to extend my contract and that I would be going home in 3 weeks for good. I gave him the letter before we drove out to the restaurant and all he could say to me was 'his heart ached'. He was devastated that I would be leaving Korea FOREVER..........Little did we know 2 years later we would be engaged ;) Here's the story about the restaurant here and here

Picture of us on October 12th, 2008

Picture of us July 21st, 2006 (same place)

My mom called while were were eating and Sung Hyun asked to speak to my father but was sad to hear that he was still sleeping. So he told my mom about the good news and then called my dad 2 hours later once we had arrived home Sunday night. Sung Hyun was so nervous and his voice was quivering. When Sung Hyun asked my dad if he could marry me my dad's first question was 'well did you ask her already?'.....hehe. Of course my dad said yes and told Sung Hyun to 'look after me'.

We were both happy and went to bed exhausted from one busy day.

So there you have it!!!!

p.s thanks again to Shane and Yu Jeong for taking pics of us all day long ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't comment here a lot, but I read your page all the time. Just wanted to say Congrats. It's obvious you both love each other and I wish you the best. Diana (just another reader)

Tanya said...

Awwww, that is such a sweet awesome story!!!! I am so happy for you jen, u deserve and remember what i said look for signs all around you to where you should go...and look where it led you!!! love ya cant wait to see u at christmas!

Marie said...

Awwwwwwwwwww Jen!!! So sweet!!! I am so HAPPY for you!! And I better be invited to the Canadian wedding I tell ya! ;) Can't wait to meet Sung Hyun and you let him know what a lucky guy he is for getting such a great gal!

Love ya!!


Kimberly Ann said...

Jezz Jen! Your story made me cry! That is brillient that you have all those past bits and memories all laid out in your blog. I do worry sometimes what will happens to everyones blogs in 5 / 10 years, it would be sad to have to loose all this stuff. It is like a susper diary! Anyways I digress! You are the best!

Amanda said...

Wonderful story, Jen. We really, really miss you.

Diana said...

haha... Jen, I just read this. I'm not the "just another reader" Diana (was so confused about your blog comment), but what a sweet story.


Many, many congratulations to you both.

Next time I head up to Seoul, I will send you a message and we can meet up!

Anonymous said...

Aiiiieeee. You guys are so cute! If you need any wedding planning advice just ask!

Shells Bells said...

I'm late on this one but congrats that's such a beautiful memory to have and a lovely ring too. I hope you are both very very happy.