Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New hair cut!!!

What do you think????

Yah I thought so!!!! I hate it too. But I've got a confession to make. I ran out of the store so I didn't have to pay.
It only took about 10 minutes from start to finish. She cut it dry. I kept asking for her to use water. Then after she made the first cut and I saw over 2 inches fall to the floor I almost jumped from my chair. I wanted a trim. More off the bottom layers and less off the top layers so that there wasn't such a large contrast of length between the layers. I even drew a picture. She was just randomly cutting blunt pieces so quickly because 2 other older women walked in the store while I was there and she was the only one working. I asked her kindly to slow down. I asked her not to cut so much. She was yelling at me in Korean. I was crying. I asked to see the back of it and she held up the mirror and was randomly pulling up pieces of my hair. I couldn't see what it looked like from the back. I asked her to hold the mirror so that I could see and she kept moving all over. Finally I stood up and took the hand mirror from her and turned around so my back was at the big mirror so I could see for myself. It was a mess. A fuzzy mess. It was all crumpled up because I had it in a pony tail all day. And since she hadn't wet it the pony tail creases were still there.
I asked her to wash and style it. The $8 haircut only covered the cut, understandably. So I asked how much it was to wash. Three dollars to wash but it didn't include a styling, which was probably because there were 2 others waiting. What was I suposed to do get a wash and walk out with wet unstyled hair?
So when she was finished cutting my hair was all flipped out in different directions. Some lengths were different than others -- she wasn't so happy when I pointed that out. I'm not a picky person when it comes to hair so I wasn't trying to pick a fight, I just wanted a decent cut. I almost felt like asking her if she has cut hair before, or at least gone to hairdressing school. But I bit my tongue.
I asked her how to style it since it was flipped this way and that. She blow dried one strip under and told me that I would have to blow dry it every morning. I told her that I don't have time to style my hair everyday and that I just want it to flip up naturally (which is what I've been doing all my life). After she finished blow drying the one side, she was done. I asked her if she was only going to blow dry one side? So she did the strip on the other side so that at least the front would look the same. I asked her to stop after my hair started smoking. She put the product in my hair and then she started blow drying. There was steam coming off my hair and my scalp was hot.


I got up and went to my bag to get ready to pay. Meanwhile as soon as I stood up she called the other customer to sit down and she started washing her hair. I waited with my jacket on for 5 minutes (I've been in the shop for about 15 now). I tried calling my friend Anne-Marie to ask what I should do. I was not happy and I didn't want to pay (even though it was only $8). I waited and waited and listened to the hairdresser bitch to her customer about me while I stood there waiting to pay while she was washing her hair.

So I left. I picked up my pumpkin (which I bought on the way there) and my bag and walked out.

I'm a coward for walking out, I know!!!! I should have confronted her and told her I wasn't happy. But she knew and how was I to explain to her in Korean. UGHHHH!!!
My bad!!!
This is how I left the store (or ran out shall I say). I took these pictures when I got home:

Can you see the random wisps of hair, or am I over reacting?

And how about the side puffs?

And what the hell happened here? Gotta love the back flip (a.k.a. pony tail crease).

So what do you think?!!! Would you be happy with this cut?


Amanda said...

Oh, hon.


OK, if you're willing to get it cut even shorter, get a bob.

And get SH to go with you to explain it.

Dream The Impossible said...

Lurker in Bundang coming out to comment! I would take SH with you back to the SAME shop and demand that she apologize and FIX it. =) Cynthia.

Dream The Impossible said...

btw, it's not that bad. but i can understand how you feel! =)

Chels said...

I don't think you are overreacting. I agree with Amanda though, you should get a bob. That's what I got in Korea and I loved it. I still can't believe that the stylist did not wash your hair before she started to cut.

Wandering Ju said...

I'm so sorry you went through all that...
But I can honestly say that the new haircut looks kind of cute!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried washing it and blow drying it at home? Maybe it will look better once that pony-tail flip is gone.

Marie said...

I would be pissed off....seriously. Not that your hair looks terrible, but if its not what you wanted it would tick me off. Not that every haircut should turn out exactly what you want, but it should come close. I have had a couple of bad haircuts (and it was from a family member no less) but I sure don't go back to her especially when she started giving Alex a mullet.
Go to a good hairdresser (didn't your last hairdresser rock?) and see if they can even it out....

Anonymous said...

Hey chicka,

It isn't good. It isn't horrible. You can make it work babe! And if you can't, take a friend who can go turbo bitch on the stylists ass. And then get a new cut someplace else. (not recommended to go turbo bitch and then allow them to use scissors around your face.)


Wandering Ju said...

By the way, Toni & Guy makes amazing products that you can use to make all kinds of styings. Check them out. I think they are sold in the Toni & Guy hair salons and in many other unaffiliated salons.