Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vietnam Vacation August '08

Today we were heading to the FLOATING MARKET which was on my list of things to hit up in Vietnam. We took an organized tour because it surely is the cheapest and best way.These are the other travelers wait for their bus to arrive. There were also a lot of vendors selling tissue and gum
These lady vendors are so cute carrying their carts up and down selling their goods
Sung Hyun and I are ready to check out the floating market where people sell fruit and other goods off their boatsSee like this!!!
Poop water is what I call it. But Vietnamese refer to it as 'milk coffee'
Coke anyone?

How about some watermelon?
Sung Hyun steps off the boat and gets ready to make some rice paper (you know that stuff that you eat when you order fresh spring rolls)
They said that if we could make perfect circles then they would leave us on the island to do this for the rest of our lives. Sung Hyun thought that was a good idea and tried his best
But ended up with this............haha (photo above)
Sung Hyun made a blob (right) but I thought mine turned out pretty good (left) until I saw what they were supposed to look like
Didn't do so well after all!!!
We'll save the rice paper making for the expert
Some Vietnamese boys making coconut yummy!!!!

After lunch we passed out in these hammocks overlooking the water

Then it was time to head to the market, which was pretty cool. No pictures though since our battery was drained!!!!

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