Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vietnam Vacation August '08

Next day on the island was a rainy one. It was perfect time for us to rent a motorbike and cruise around the island. First stop, main street. And here's what we saw:
Chickens for sale? Sung Hyun says that he remembers things like this in Korea from his childhood. Chickens running around the streets in an open market. Such a different life than me!!!

Of course we got soaked on our drive.

How do we open the seat? Thankfully this lady saw Sung Hyun struggling and was kind enough to do it for us.
How do you put gas in? Oh with a funnel

We got a little hungry so we stopped for lunch and watched the rain -- it was chilly
Then we drove on the back dirt roads till we found the pearl farm and this monkey.
Sung Hyun loves monkeys and I often call him my big monkey
Then we hit the open market again. This time we found ducks for sale. So we decided to pick one up for dinner.......haha just joking!!!
All sorts of veggiesFish for saleCow crossing?!?!?! What the heck!!! Can't say I've seen this before. Just a bunch of cows taking a stroll along the main street
His expression says it perfectly: driving through the market on a motorbike is a little scary.
Press play to check it out:
Watched the boat dock
Climbed the stairs to the light house and took this picture. Another day out of the ordinary!!!!


Tanya said...

ha i laughed a sung hyun's reactions to driving the bike!

Annie-Me said...

Looks like you guys have had a great trip. I'm glad your home and we are able to spend a little bit of time together again. When SungHyun was hunting for the crabs, he looked just like a little child. He's so excited over everything. It's gotta be refreshing. I'm too laid back I think.