Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vietnam Vacation '08

Well this is the last of it. The last day in Vietnam, the last few pictures to post before I wrap up my wonderful vacation

Today we woke up with zero plans. It was nice to wake up and not know what the day would bring. Walked around a bit and then decided on a master plan. Since we hadn't done much sight seeing we thought it would be good to take a tour around the city. And that we did!!!!

It was fine to hire a bike on the island because it was small and traffic was somewhat non-existent. But we thought it best to hire a few drivers for the day. This one in particular spoke English quite well -- I saw his English study notes tucked away in this shirt pocket. Paid $10 a person for 7 hours for a well guided tour.
It certainly was exciting to be in the back holding on for our dear lives with no control. Well it wasn't quite that bad. We were just overly excited!!!!But I was holding on for my dear life
First stop reunification palace: Then off to the war museum, which I thought was the best part:

Then to some temple:

More driving around:

Another temple:

Then to a market in China town:

Shoes for sale
Next stop a cool Chinese church:

And on the day went. It was actually very exhasting riding around on the back of a motorbike all day especially since it was so hot.

But it was totally worth every penny we paid. The guy on the right was my driver and he gave me a history lesson at every stop. What a great day!!!!!

Finished with some food

And then I finally gave in a bought a book from the lady that was hauling this around all day. They are knock off books. Inotherwords, photocopies of real books sold on the street for cheaper prices. I asked if I could hold the books to see how heavy they were..........they were heavy!!!!! I took some weight off her load and bought the LONELY PLANET travel guide book for SOUTHEAST ASIA (because Sung Hyun and I decided that there would be some more traveling in the future)

Sung Hyun finishing up his dragon fruit before heading though the security check point
Then it was goodbye Vietnam and hello duty free shopping where we stocked up with even more goods. Best purchase Sung Hyun made had to be the massive monkey he found in a supermarket!!!
Vietnam was awesome to us. We had a blast!!!! We will be back!!!!


Amanda said...

I am SO SO glad you went with SH rather than with Those Other People, Jen!

Anonymous said...

Awe you guys always have great adventures! Thanks for sharing. What's in those jars in the reunification palace?

Why am I here??? said...

oh it's the war museum and the jars are filled with babies..........sick!!!!

Foreigner Joy said...

what a lovely vacation~ ;)

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought, but I figured I'd ask.

Cindee said...

why are there babies in a jar?? please explain jen??!!

Why am I here??? said...

The babies are victims of AGENT ORANGE (they are disabled b/c of the toxic gas). This is a picture of a picture taken at the war museum.