Sunday, September 28, 2008

Super Sunday

Grabbed some Micky D's and headed out to the country side to visit Sung Hyun's dad's tomb. It was a beautiful day!!!

Can you see the bottle of soju under Sung Hyun? He poured it on his dad's tomb and said "my dad loved loved loved soju"

This is the first time I have seen him bow. I asked him to show me one time at my place because I was curious but he would don't it without a purpose. Then we drove to a nearby zoo (or jew as Sung Hyun would pronounce it). It's popular for it's interactive exhibits. You could pretty much touch all the animals.
He was my favourite. He put on quite the show for me too. Here he is pretending to smoke a cigarette.
Sung Hyun was happy to feed the birdsI wasn't so happy to touch the snake


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Anonymous said...

You guys look so ~~~ zelously happy.

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