Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Korean Thanksgiving also known as Chuseok is a time for family to gather together, worship their ancestors and eat. This is one of the major Korean holidays and because so I received 5 days vacation from work. Dating a Korean has afforded me the opportunity to get a sneak peak into this special holiday. You might remember me talking about it here

Sung Hyun's mom invited me to watch the worship service in the morning at her house that only her and Sung Hyun participate in. I knew that we would be spending a full day with his family so I opted out of watching and decided to sleep in and just head over to his sisters house later that afternoon. I regret not going now, because it was an honour to be invited and probably something I will never get the chance of seeing again. My bad!!!!

But nonetheless, I still had a busy day. We picked up Sung Hyun's mom and the three of us drove to his sisters house at about 1pm. I made food, cooked it, spoke Korean as much as I could, watched Korean TV, played on the computer, ate, and talked some more. We didn't get out of there till about midnight. I was exhausted but felt great -- overwhelmed with love.

Of course no post is complete without some pictures:

Sung Hyun made things..........

........And so did I

For some reason we didn't make the traditional songpyeon but made mandu instead.
Chatting with Sung Hyun's mom

Sung Hyun decided that he was going to take an hour nap and leave me to fend for myself, check out his bed head. It's quite stressful to be in a room full of Koreans who don't speak English.

'YO MAN WHAZZZZ UP?'And of course we can't eat a meal without Kimchi. But who thought we'd have so many choices
The meal was AWESOME.......I loved everything!!!!

But I still can't eat as fast as them -- which to them means I'm not enjoying my food

And of course we had to sing Happy Birthday to Sung Hyun's mom. She turned 70 the day before.

I purchased a bottle of Vodka for them to sample. The men still love their soju too much. I suspect that it has to do with Korean pride

Family -- That bright blue outfit that Sung Hyun's mom is wearing is what we brought her back from Vietnam. As soon as we gave it to her, she tried it on and asked if she was beautiful (she's got the same sense of humour as Sung Hyun)
I left with a wad full of cash...........woohhh hoooo!!!!


Wandering Ju said...

Looks like you had a great time. Jennifer. Sung hyun's family seems to be really warm and loving. I remember you posted once that Sung hyun's mother asked you to give her money? Did it ever come up again? I know that grown up Koreans give their parents allowance. I wonder if that's what she meant.
I was in Seoul for a week right after Chuseok because of my husband's work. I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted, but being in Korea was awesome! Do you want to get together next time I'm there (although I'm not sure exactly when.)?
By the way, if you marry Sunghyun, you will have plenty of opportunity to participate in the family ceremonies.

Why am I here??? said...

What you were in KOREA??? Well I'm sure you were busy, but YES next time you are here let me know ahead of time so we can at least have a coffee date.

Yes pocket money is what Sung Hyun called it. No it didn't come up again (I'm sure I got offended last time because the cultural difference and language barrier). This time she gave me $300 to buy a hanbok......hummmm!!!