Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A glimpse of summer

So now that my Vietnam pictures are finished and posted I thought it would be nice to carry on with the rest of my summer. I seem to be a lot behind on my updates so I have decided to highlight some of the things I enjoyed in August and September. So in no particular order here they are:

A hike through the mountains with a friend on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Then Indian food for dinner ;)


Heading to a 1 year old birthday celebration:


Meeting up with Sung Hyun's family for dinner and then watching his niece eat spicy chicken feet in the bar:


Taking a long bus ride home but enjoying the English television available on Sung Hyun's handphone:


Celebrating my friends birthday in her friends massive apartment while eating a lot of delicious barbecued food:


Going to Yongsan military base and eating so much Taco Bell that it hurt to walk. Then being able to buy Western toothpaste:


Reading a book from start to finish in one day and eating mini pancakes for breakfast:


Cruising around Seoul, just because we can, with my handsome lover:


A day in the sun at Yeoido pool with a little volleyball and 'let's check out hot guys grease themselves up with oil':

(had to throw Sung Hyun in there for good measure)

Getting introduced to a cool little restaurant tucked away in the back streets of Hongdae for a night of good convo and food:


Then going back the next week because it was that good:


Getting dressed up and going shopping for something *special*:


Chowing down on Indian, opening presents then eating my homemade Western style cake for my birthday..........yum yum:


Going for Koreanized Japanese food while overlooking a busy street:


Drinking beer on a rainy day at a restaurant 5 minutes from my house:

And those are the days of my summer. Very enjoyable!!!! How was yours?


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jennifer,
Didn't realize it was your birthday... happy belated birthday girl!!! Who gave you that smokin' dude in the teanie-weenie pants for your birthday?! Dang!!! Hehehe.
I don't care what ANYONE says about Korean men, props to them for the confidence to wear such clothes, or lack there of it, and dang...if you have a body like that, why not show it off. By the way, Sung Hyun is a hottie too! Good job... hehehe

asiangarden said...

LOL, the speedo guy was hot but his speedo seemed to be lacking in the packing dept! lol ;)
The food looks yummy!~ You had a lot of fun!

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