Friday, August 29, 2008

Vietnam Vacation August '08

The next day on the island was relaxing and filled with lots of swimming
Sung Hyun ready to leap in our hotel pool
And me, I'm just jumping right in
Posing in the water
Then we went to the BIG salty pool. The view of our resort in the back
All that swimming made us hungry so we enjoyed our dinner over looking the pool
but not without goofing around for a bit
Yummy fish.......
AND HAM AND PINEAPPLE PIZZA PEOPLE..............WORTH EVERY CALORIE (but I don't count them anyways, so that's why we had this dish more than once)
After dinner we went to the market by our resort for some snacks
And Sung Hyun met a friend. This man wouldn't stop speaking Vietnamese to him.....hehe
Watermelon for under $2. That's a big deal, especially when you pay on average $15 in Korea for one ;)
I was loving it!!!!
Then we went for a walk along the beach
Chilled out on some chairs for a rest
And had a midnight dip in the pool

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