Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vietnam Vacation August '08

Day 2 of Vietnam had to be one of my favourites. In fact, I really enjoyed the guided tours that I took simply because I didn't have to worry about anything. For $5 a person we got to see some really spectacular things. Take a look:

It was cool to get out of the big city and see Vietnam's country side. But there were still a lot of motorbikes to be seen

Sung Hyun enjoying his banana on the bus ride bright and early in the morning.

First stop was a craft shop. Really cool things but quite expensive. This bowl in the above picture is made with broken egg shells, so neat!!!!

You'll see these little ladies in life size all over Vietnam selling various things from their baskets.

Then after the craft shop they took us to this amazing palace/ church. It was beautiful on the outside, but even better inside.

A picture of Sung Hyun walking on the grounds of the church

And one of me

I really enjoy this picture of us

Everyone had to take off their hats, sunglasses and shoes before entering

Take a peak inside:

Next stop, lunch.

This was the best Vietnamese food that we had on the entire trip

After lunch we headed to the Cu Chi tunnels. I was really looking forward to this part of the trip and it was on my list of things to do. I'm glad I went -- a great learning experience.

Here's a model view of the tunnels -- a system of intricate underground workings that were used to shelter and enable the troops in the Vietnam war to make surprise attacks against the Americans before disappearing back through camouflaged trap doors.

The trap doors that happen to be big enough for only the Vietnamese. Not too sure if American solders would fit through them.

See how small you have to be to fit?

But Sung Hyun could do it.......

A trap door with bamboo sticks. Very simple, yet useful!!!

These tunnels were used in the resistance against the US by the Cu Chi people. We made it 75m in the reconstructed tunnels made 25cm larger for fat Western tourists.

They were so small...........

I just barely fit ;)

And then when we got back to our hotel we enjoyed a nice cold Vietnamese beer.......what a great day from start to finish!!!!


Andy M said...

Awesome photos, Jen *^^*

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of your trip to Vietnam. Keep them coming.

Momma Bear