Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vietnam Impressions con't.....

Day 4 - rented a motorcycle and cruised around the island. The weather has been really horrible - rain, wind, more rain. Couldn't go in the water today but we made it to the pearl farm and enjoyed the cruise through the market.

Impressions - Vietnamese people are so kind.

Day 5 - woke up super sick. Maybe it was something I ate. Might be the Malaria medication I'm taking or the water. Spent all day in bed. Ate a few bites of bread for breakfast and a half bowl of rice for lunch. Poor Sung Hyun having to deal with a sicky. Not fun!!!!

Impressions - Sung Hyun could be Vietnamese. At least that's what everyone thinks he is. He is constantly being approached by Vietnamese people and even his confused face which reads 'I have no clue what you are saying to me' doesn't give it away. Sung Hyun is officially Vietnamese ;)

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asiangarden said...

oh no! sick in another country or basically anywhere other than your own fun! ((hugs))