Friday, August 01, 2008

Korean food ;)

In Korea I am ALWAYS eating out. I can't be bothered to cook in the summer so usually we feast on food at some restaurant near my place. Lately, we have been ordering food, since we have found a new restaurant close to my place. This meal below cost 7000W ($7) and it feed the both of us ;)
The best part of this delivery service is that they serve everything in plastic bowls and plates so you don't even have to deal with the garbage

You just put it on your doorstep like this and they come back to pick it up a few hours later!!!!

Definately worth the $7

This mart is literally right outside my doorstep. I love the convenience of these convenience stores......hehe!!!!! I am standing at the bottom on my stairs leading up to the apartment door and 20 steps later I am in this store. The only down fall is that the owners are extremely grumpy and still continue to type the price of what I have bought in the calculator to show me, even though they clearly know that I can speak Korean and that I have a Korean boyfriend ;)


Anonymous said...

I really wish delivery was like this in the US, or at least where I live. I would never cook again.

Marie said...

For only $7??? That is amazing. Here $7 barely buys a Happy Meal anymore, never mind service like that

Beloved said...

Oh how I miss not cooking and getting delicious meals delivered to my door. *sigh*

So funny about the calculator. That used to happen to me a lot. Maybe they show it to everyone just to prove that they've actually added it all up correctly. Hmm... I never thought about it before.

asiangarden said...

That is like the coolest thing ever! I would get so fat if I moved to do Koreans stay so thin? It's just not fair!