Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm still in Vacation mode

Well I'm definitely a procrastinator that's for sure. I always get so overwhelmed with such large posts and I would much rather post a single picture and talk about that. Also, the reason why I left my 20 page university papers till the last minute; because I don't know where to start.

So now I've got 500 some odd pictures to sort through and several posts to write.........huhhhhhh, such a hard life!!!

I digress........

So to continue where I left off........

Day 6 - feeling a little better but the weather hasn't really been cooperating. We have tried to change our tickets to arrive back in HoChiMin earlier but it's all booked up. We rented a motorbike again and went cruising around. Sung Hyun enjoyed a late night snack of CHICKEN FEET, which he said was more delicious than Korean chicken feet.

Day 7 - more cruising around the island on a motorbike, only this time I got to drive. Cool!!!! Headed back to HoChiMin and it felt comforting to be around so many bikes weaving in and out of the cars. I love bustling cities ;) Spent the evening souvenir shopping.

Day 8 - woke up bright and early and headed to the bus stop to await our trip to the Mekong Delta (mostly to see the floating market). Definitely a cool day. For less than $10 a person we got toured around by bus, then boat, and got to see how to make rice paper and coconut candy and then got a free lunch and a ride back to the city. Definitely an exciting day.

Day 9 - more souvenir shopping, which I love, but I just don't love buying for so many people. For instance, Sung Hyun alone has got 5 siblings. Rented a bike and driver for 6 hours for $10. They took us around the city showing us all the hot spots to see which included the Reunification building, war museum (which I thought was the most interesting), some palaces, China town and other exciting shopping areas. It was hot and sunny and by the end of the day we were exhausted. Packed up the bags and headed to the airport in the evening for our 11 pm flight.

Felt like a really long vacation (in a good way). I had a blast and was happy to return back to Seoul for some well needed sleep........


............we realized that Sung Hyun accidentally turned off the fridge (don't ask!), which left us with a 9 day pool of smelly melted beef juice and blueberry concoction which seeped from the freezer to the fridge and as far as 5 feet across the floor. Imagine the smell of sour vomit and that's what I had to endure while cleaning up the disaster. We were able to hit the sheets about 1.5 hours later.

See look, not fun!!!

Stay tuned for pictures


Amanda said...

Fridge. Ewww. Really ewww. Gah, yuck.

Vietnam--sounds great! I'm so glad you went with SH and nobody else. *^^*

Kuri said...

lol, ewww the fridge situation sounds horrible! i'm hoping to go to vietnam in a few months. glad you had an awesome trip!!!