Monday, August 04, 2008

First impressions - Vietnam

Hello everyone!!!! We've made it to Vietnam!!!! Sung Hyun certainly isn't a fan of the food and he gaged during the first meal..........haha.

Day 1 - Getting out of the airport, surrounded and pulled by anxious taxi drivers was entertaining -- entertaining for them that is!!!! TOURIST was written all over our faces and after we got out of the 4th cab we decided to ask a Vietnamese person for help. Most taxis wouldn't start their meter or wanted up to pay their parking tickets first.

The drive to our first place of stay was crazy. In the 20 min we were in the taxi we were hit (lightly) by a car and then a scooter. There were soooooooo many scooters on the street that I'm surprised we didn't hit more. It was that CRAZY.

First night was pretty exhasting. Found a place (crappy springy bed) and then just walked around and enjoyed the sights. Ate some Vietnamese food, then had KFC (poor Sung Hyun). Had an hour massage before heading to bed.

First impression = SO MANY SCOOTERS, SO SMELLY!!!!!

Day 2 - Went on a guided tour to a palace/ church then to the CuChi tunnels. That was something we definately wanted to do. More about the history on that later. Did that for most of the day. Changed hotels, ate Mexican food (Sung Hyun enjoyed that) and had some beers with a couple we met on the tour. Did some wandering around our area before heading off to bed.

Day 3 - Woke up early and headed back to the airport, this time the hotel called a taxi for us. Took an hour flight to Phu Quoc and relaxed on the beach, had a nap, went swimming, walked along the beach, swung in a hamock, enjoyed a wonderful supper, went for a walk, bought watermelon for $1.5...........

Our plan is just to chill out and sleep at our cheap hotel ($22/ night) for 3 nights then on the last night we are upgrading to a 5 star resort for $65 a night ;) WHOAAA BIG SPENDERS!!!!

Then back to HoChiMin (Siagon) for another tour down the Mekong Delta (floating market) and a day of souvenier shopping.

Pictures to come.................


asiangarden said...

OMG! I would be eating Pho or bahn mi or some other Vietnamese thing everyday! I LOVE Vietnam food...I can't believe your are eating kfc and taco bell! sheesh! well, now I am really jealous!

Beloved said...

Yes! Ditto what asiangarden said! I LOVE (please note: all in capitals--lol) Vietnamese food!!! What is this about gagging on it?!? You must have eaten at the wrong place, although I don't know how it could be wrong if it is physically located in the country of Vietnam. Even restaurants in Vermont have excellent pho and other Vietnamese food. Please, try again! :) Just don't rub it in. haha.

Had to laugh about the scooters. There are so many of them. I love Vietnam. The people are so amazing.

You should read The House on Dream Street: Memoir of an American Woman in Vietnam. Guess the title kind of gives it away, but it's about an American who spends several years on and off living in Vietnam and even falls in love with a Vietnamese guy. Such a good book and a good look inside the lives of Vietnamese.