Monday, July 21, 2008


Okay I'm a couple of weeks behind on my posts, as per usual ;) This years mud festival was just as fun as this time and this time. Yes, this is the third year at this festival and it hasn't disappointed me yet. I will keep going back until then. All three years have been completely different and this time Sung Hyun got to come.

Except he didn't tell his boss that he was skipping work, oppps!!!!

The fun started on the train with some bubbly!!!!

Beach babe ;)

In Korea it's absolutely just fine to drink on the beach -- even mid-day

Our wonderful group ;)

Sung Hyun told me to "make it big"........ I think he was a little shocked

Crawling to the water

A little snack -- kimchi (what will be ever do without it?)

Sung Hyun double fisting

Cool fireworks

Trying on his new bikini

Me all muddy

Breakfast -- definately a healthy choice....hehe

These men wouldn't stop taking pictures of us ;)


Time to head home........another great Korean memory!!!


Kuri said...

Now I really wish I had gone to the mud festival. It was great meeting you for lunch. I went back to the place and took my coworker. He loved it too. Definitely stay in touch and hopefully we will meet again soon=^^=

Beloved said...

What?! No speedos?!? How disappointing. Haha.