Friday, July 25, 2008

School's out for summer........

....I'm all finished teaching my summer camp and now I start my month of vacation. Wooaa hooo
Not exactly. I signed up for another summer camp because I couldn't pass up the cash so I technically get only one day of rest and then I'm heading out of Seoul to play with some more kids for 6 days. My camp will last from Sunday to Friday.

Then on Saturday bright and early Sung Hyun and I will be heading off to sunny (hopefully) Vietnam for a special island get away. Tickets booked, bags packed (ahh who are we kidding that won't happen till the day before) and two eager people ready to take on a new country ;)

And the best part is that we'll be staying at Phu Quoc Island and get to see beaches like this:

Picture and more information can be found by clicking here

And I don't know what it is about this guy, but he makes my heart melt. I am so in love with him and things have never felt so certain. I just may be the luckiest girl in the world to have him in my life!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend in a nutshell

On Saturday I met up with Kristen, who has recently come to Korea to teach. We had a wonderful lunch in Gangnam and some great laughs over ice cream!!!!!

She's really excited to be here and I can tell she will do a wonderful job with her kids.
Then after that, I met up with Anne Marie for dinner at my place. We had some yummy chicken and just chilled out and watched a movie. Sung Hyun decided that he wanted a midnight snack so we got out of our pj's and drove around for some eats. Only problem was that it was raining sooooooo hard. I was driving and I couldn't see in front of me that's how hard it was coming down. We stepped out of the car and decided that it was best just to head home and skip the midnight snack.
UNTIL.........................Anne Marie and I discovered SWIMMING CAPS in the backseat of the car. Then we had a bright idea to put them on and well.....................
This is what resulted!!!!!

We were having so much fun jumping in the puddles and in no time we were soaked. Then both of us started to do the swimming motions as we were walking. We walked for over 30 minutes and most people just laughed at us. Some even joined in and started swimming down the street with us. One older man didn't want to get his hair wet so I took of my cap and put it on him and he joined in on the fun.
It was definitely one of the best and most random things I have done.

Here we are dripping wet
Then the next day Anne Marie organized my whole house. It took her 3 hours (don't worry mom, I was helping too)

My re-organized closet.............with way too many clothes

And my storage closet that has NEVER looked this good, thanks friend!!!

Dinner was in Apgujeoung. We hit up Hooters but left disappointed b/c really there were no hooters to be seen -- just overly padded Korean bras ;(

It was super expensive and between the three of us we paid $63, yikes!!!!

But the highlight of the night was finding this candy story about a block away from Hooters. It was packed with cheap candies and Campbell's soup for $1 a can!!!!!
And I found candy canes!!!!! Whoa to another great weekend!!!
Oh yah and I'm finished work (well sort of). I have completed the first semester with my grade 4-6 students. I am now working a summer camp until Friday, then I'm done!!!!!!!!
Peace out y'all ;)


Okay I'm a couple of weeks behind on my posts, as per usual ;) This years mud festival was just as fun as this time and this time. Yes, this is the third year at this festival and it hasn't disappointed me yet. I will keep going back until then. All three years have been completely different and this time Sung Hyun got to come.

Except he didn't tell his boss that he was skipping work, oppps!!!!

The fun started on the train with some bubbly!!!!

Beach babe ;)

In Korea it's absolutely just fine to drink on the beach -- even mid-day

Our wonderful group ;)

Sung Hyun told me to "make it big"........ I think he was a little shocked

Crawling to the water

A little snack -- kimchi (what will be ever do without it?)

Sung Hyun double fisting

Cool fireworks

Trying on his new bikini

Me all muddy

Breakfast -- definately a healthy choice....hehe

These men wouldn't stop taking pictures of us ;)


Time to head home........another great Korean memory!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My dearest and closest friend Jennifer is getting married in September.

And guess where I'll be????

Stuck in Korea, unable to hoo!!!!

This is the major downside of living abroad. Sure it's the opportunity of a lifetime, but sometimes (just sometimes) I feel like I'm missing out on important milestones back home!!!


I was so ecstatic to get her invitation in the mail:


This is the coolest invitation I have ever seen. I imagine that Jen made them herself, since she is one crafty gal.
This is the front:

This is the back:

And it even flips up:

Miss you lots friend and now even more ;)

Monday, July 07, 2008

And then there were TWO...........

.......... 2 YEARS SINCE WE STARTED DATING!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? Well I can't!!! I remember watching him at the gym through the mirrors. Then he'd catch me and when I pretended not to look he would *wink*. He'd pull my hand through the crowds of people and then didn't bother to hold my hand in the movies. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I liked it!!!! I still don't know what is going on, but now I love it and hope that it goes on for a very long time ;)
This past Sunday Sung Hyun and I celebrated 2 years together
Sung Hyun showed up with a cake with two candles

And I cooked him a kick-ass breakfast according to Western standards.......sorry no kimchi babe!!!!

Then he gave me a love letter and I gave him a suitcase (so romantic of me, I know). But I was thinking practical

And he'll need this when we go to Canada *hint*hint*

He treated me to a nice steak dinner

It was delicious
Then we headed up to Seoul Tower since I had never been

Check out all the locks!!!!! The couples buy them and write a little message on them and lock them together along a wire fence
Nice day indeed!!!!!

MINI America!!!

Saturday was so random and FUN!!!!!! Patricia and I got up early, after stuffing ourselves the night before with yummy Indian food, packed our bags and headed out of Seoul. We caught the rapid train and made it to the American military base in Pyeong Tek in an hour flat. We showed our ID (I didn't have mine but they let me in anyways) and then took in the sights (and smells!) for the afternoon. The base had opened its doors to the public for 2 days in celebration of July 4th.

There was so much space and English all around

I learned all about how to fly this thingy, but I'll save it for the professionals


And before we left we hit up the bowling alley............a totally random and fun day!!!!!!!!