Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shanghai Randomness

I am such a procrastinator!!! It often takes me a while to post about BIG trips. When Sung Hyun and I went to Canada last summer it took me a good month to get everything on my blog.

So in no particular order, here is a peek at some more pictures from Shanghai China!!!

This one is of the really large shopping center!!!!!

And the best store in the mall had to be Dairy Queen. This picture goes out to my friend Kristin. We are DQ mates and everytime I come back from Korea for a visit she's at the airport waiting for me with a blizzard in hand. Miss you friend!!!!

The Pearl Tower by day

Street food

The olympic rings behind bars, which I thought was quite suiting considering how China denies North Korean defectors refuge status and ships them back to N. Korea to be tormented or killed!!!

I love this picture!!! It looks fake

My first taste of Chinese beer............not so good ;) I prefer my Korean beer

Sight seeing pictures on an afternoon walk

Condoms in a vending machine in the subway station

The subway!!!!


Kuri said...

I love asian vending machines. It's like you can get everything there. My favorite is the underwear vending machine in Japan my friend sent me a picture of. I agree, Chinese beer is...ok but not the best.

Daniel said...

love those unique buildings in shanghai!! great pix! :)

Beloved said...

Cool. It looks so clean!

Annie-Me said...

You need to try Qingdao beer.......that is a pretty damn good beer from China. They have it in most stores in Korea. Much better than Cass, Hite, or OB.

Why am I here??? said...

hehe I was drinking Qingdao............I like Korean better still!!!