Monday, June 30, 2008

Nothing Special!!!!

Two of my grade 6 students

Tall Tall Tall

Sung Hyun and Kisu showing some love. Actually I HAD to get them to pose like this for AMANDA........ hehe

Hummmmmm........ soda or BEER with my popcorn combo at the theatre. I think my dad would like this place

Sung Hyun enjoying his dried squid before the movie starts

Then he stops for a 'drink in a bag' on the side of the street (alcohol included ;)

Guess what I found in the little mart close to my school?????.........CELERY!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch -- Kimchi jigae with a bowl of rice...........yummy!!!!


Amanda said...

I miss my boyfriend!

You two are doing such a good job of taking care of him. *^^*

Thank you.

(If he were holding my hand, he'd be standing a lot closer to me. Ha!)

Marie said...

Celery? What's the deal with the celery?

Cute pic of the boys btw, very cute indeed!