Sunday, June 08, 2008


If there is one thing I really miss from Canada (besides the obvious friends and family) it has to be the freedom to take a bath whenever I want. Every time I go back to Canada for a visit I take a

The third time around in Korea I'm lucky to just have a enclosed shower. So on Sunday I ventured to a LOVE MOTEL with Sung Hyun for a much deserved bubble bath. It's been a stressful week with my good friend Amanda leaving back to America and a bout of homesickness.

The bath did me well.

Love motels are exactly what they sound like; they're love motels, equipped with a plethora of Asian porn channels -- yuck, no thank-you. You can pay (for a room) by the night but the more common option is to rent them out for a couple of hours. Ours was 30 000 won ($30) for 3 hours.

It's really quite bizzare and I most definately felt uncomfortable being there considering the nature of these places. When you pull into the parking lot they cover up your license plate to protect your identity (or so your wife doesn't discover you sleeping with your mistress more like it). And there is a seperate entrance and exit (once again so you don't bump into your wife). There is no check out, just leave the key in the basket in the elevator. Before we left the room Sung Hyun pushed the car button (located in the room) which sent a signal to the front desk notifying them to start his car. When we got outside his car was unlocked, running and pointing in the right direction for a quick getaway.

I'd probably go back. Like I said, the bath did me well ;)


Kuri said...

I've always wondered about the love hotels in Korea. The ones I've seen from Japan usually are extremely gaudy with crazy bright colors tucked into random places for a quick duck around the corner entrance. That one you had looked like a regular nice hotel...minus all the Asian porn of course.

Daniel said...

wow, the motel's got it down to a science, don't they? kinda sad that the business is geared toward that sort of stuff. :(

Annie-Me said...

The business is geared toward that kinda stuff for the simple fact that it is "wrong" to have sex until you are married. You can rent a room for three hours for that reason. At home it is nothing to do it when your parents are at work or even in a different room. Here, you are not supposed to be in a room together with the door closed, and don't even think about spending the night together.

I think this type of motel is great. Not because I rent it by the hour but cause they are usually decent rooms (often with a tub like Jen mentioned). I don't live in Seoul anymore and the love motels are a godsend. The only thing I don't like is the fact that I can't get a room until 9pm because people are renting the rooms for three hours at a time.

Another good thing, these motels promote safe sex by providing free condoms, something that I think is essential in Korea these days.

Why am I here??? said...

I agree with the safe sex thing Annie..........good point

Anonymous said...

yeah thats right.there are a lot of love motels are in korea.
finally you had a change go to love motel....congratulations...
all motels provide free condom for people...
did you have a good time?lol!