Friday, June 20, 2008

Hair Cut

My hair was a mess (since it wasn't cut for over 3 months) so I walked into a random shop last week showed the little lady my picture and asked if she could do it. She hesitated, hoed and hummed then said yes. When I asked how much it would be, I decided that maybe I was in the wrong shop. If the cut was only going to cost $7, then I probably would have gotten a $7 hair cut.

So the next day I found a better shop and got a haircut for $20. And I love it!!!!




Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Wow... who's this pretty girl?! ;)
Honestly Jenn, I thought your hair in the before pictures looked quite pretty. The after shots look great too. Very hip and totally summer-appropriate cut... very pretty!
... and what's that that you are wearing? A silk robe? Very nice.
Good taste Jenn!

Beloved said...

That's a great haircut! You're very brave to just walk in and let them cut it. I had a regular hairdresser when I lived in Korea. I let someone else cut it ONCE, and I hated it so back to him I went.