Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Food for thought

This past Sunday was a beautiful day. It seemed that for just a day the pollution lifted from the sky to reveal a wonderful blue pallet splashed with lovely white clouds.

We enjoyed our drive out of Seoul as we made our way to Sung Hyun's dads tomb

It was a nice time for reflection

And we just stayed long enough for Sung Hyun to share a cigarette with his dad

This is the only photo Sung Hyun has with (of) his dad. He carries it around with him in his wallet.

On the drive home we stopped at a famous 'tofu' restaurant so we could eat every possible tofu dish imaginable. Sung Hyun loved it!!!

Tofu in a trough, tofu with salmon, tofu salad?

Tofu with kimchi and mushrooms

Tofu side dishes

Tofu and octopus soup, oh my!!!

I was thrilled........

....... especially when Sung Hyun dished me up a bowl

And apparently so was he ;)

BUT........... I got to choose dinner so I was happy to dig into my mushroom bacon carbonara pasta

So happy that I didn't care to wipe off my cream slathered mouth before posing for a picture ;)


Amanda said...

Jennifer, just an idea (and forgive me if you've had it)... If you ever need a gift idea for SH, swipe the photo and get it restored. Photo restorers DO NOT destroy the original photo. But then he could have more than one copy.

Why am I here??? said...

Awesome idea!!!!! Do you think it would work on this photo, it's pretty beaten up and it's got tape on it to keep it from tearing!!!

What an ingenious idea, thanks ;)

Amanda said...

It can work on really, really old photos (torn, ripped, stained) so I *think* it could work on this.

It probably wouldn't be too cheap, but it's not going to be hundreds of dollars either. ;) And you'd probably want to wait until you get to Canada so you can find a place (though I'm sure you could get a friend to help).

Here's some info on photo restoration. Like I said, it might seem a bit pricey (the tape WILL make it hard), but if it's his ONLY photo, it's worth it, right?

Here are some web pages, just so you can get an idea of what can be done.