Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A dinner and a dance (couresty of Sung Hyun)

I love those nights when you don't plan anything and you end up having such a good time anyways. On Friday I met with my old manager Judy and my good friends Anne-Marie and Hodge. First we ate some yummy dalk galbi (spicy chicken stirfry) and then after a few drinks we were brave enough to go to a 노래방 (singing room)

Here are the two boys showing some love
Sung Hyun only had a couple of drinks (maybe 3 max) over the course of dinner. But it only takes him one to get loosened up. And if you think he's funny sober then you should see him drunk (which usually only happens a couple times a year).

Let's just say he got right into the songs

And if one mic isn't enough then you better use two

Us gals were into the opera songs and this is us singing to Phantom of the Opera

Then on the walk home we ran into this guy. Apparently some famous gag man in Korea. Anyone know who he is??


Before you watch this video, might I remind you of Sung Hyun's previous singing debut here.

And his dancing skills somewhat resemble his love of singing ;)........hehe!!!! Enjoy

A fun night had by all


Kuri said...

LOL, I love the karaoke dance. So much fun looked to be had by all.

asiangarden said...

LOL, that is too cute!