Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cuddles and couples

Korean same-sex affection (especially in public places) still fascinates me to this day. And honestly I LOVE IT. I love that their masculinity is not threatened and that it's OKAY in this culture to touch. These two guys were resting on one another the whole subway ride.

The smaller Korean guy on the left poses in his camera mirror to fix his hair while his friend sleeps on his shoulder.


Sung Hyun and I had some time to kill as we waited to meet up with friends for dinner. So we jetted off to a PC room. For only 1000W ($1) per hour you can play games or surf the net. We got seated in the couples zone.


Amanda said...

Their masculinity isn't threatened because men are absolutely in charge in this society and Korea has "no gays."

asiangarden said...

I think that is way too sweet. Why can't American guys be more like that? They all are so macho. They would probably kill a guy for laying his head on their shoulder!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

A couple zone?!... hehehe. That's so cute but here in Korea, I am not surprised.
Hey I noticed that your man looks to be sporting some hair gel.. cool, cool. Mind ya, in the very next picture he's got a hat slapped on his head. So cute.
Glad you got a well-deserved bath in. I miss bathtubs too. They're totally underrated!!!