Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Simply the best!!!!!!

I've got a wonderful boyfriend!!!!!!!!!

Remember that earring problem I was dealing with a couple weeks back. Well Sung Hyun decided to make me a spinnable 4-tier earring holder to display my mass collection. Only thing is that I haven't filled it all up, which means I've got some more earring shopping to do!!!!!!!!


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Wow... that's awesome!!!
I have an earring thing too... both a flare for great dangley earrings and a metal display unit to hang them on. BUT, I must say... I love that display unit!
Props to your man!!!!

Summer said...

I think that it is so super sweet of him! It's hard to find a guy that listens like that! My bf is korean but he has no memory and doesn't understand sentimental value. But he's a californian born and raised - so i guess it's not the same. But I think it's wonderful how attentive your bf is to you.

Wandering Girl said...

Wow, Sung Hyun in soooooo sweet!!! He's got that rare quality going on! Lucky you.

Tanya said...

see jen, you need to bring your highly creative and skilled welder back to canada and put his skill to more use than jewellery stand making haha, that is a very sweet stand.