Sunday, May 04, 2008

Korean BBQ

Sung Hyun cooked up a little feast for himself in my apartment. 삼겹살 (Samgyupsal) is pork, that looks like bacon, fried up on a grill and is usually quite cheap here in Korea. I had already eaten this night so he enjoyed everything to himself.

You wrap the meat in a leaf of lettuce with some of that red sauce, rice, kimchi, mushrooms, garlic and what ever else you would like. Then you stuff it in your mouth.......... this

Too bad my house smelled like pork for the rest of the week ;)


Chels said...

LOL I had samgyopsal for dinner last night too.

Wandering Girl said...

Yum! Wish I can have samgyopsal, too. I haven't had that stuff in four years!

Anonymous said...

It looks so good. :D

asiangarden said...

yum! i agree that Korean food can "stink" up your house for a while! lol