Thursday, May 01, 2008

If there's ONE thing I'm good at it's........

............ QUITTING!!!!

I just quit my Korean class (surprise, surprise). It's not like I can say I didn't see it comming. I did see it coming. I don't know why I can't stay committed to one thing.

Perhaps it stems from my childhood, where I participated is EVERY possible afterschool activity from gymnatics, to brownies, to acting lessons, to piano, to ballet, to dance, to baseball, to volleyball, to choir, to Tae Kwon-Do, to voice lessons, the list goes on and I'm sure my mom can add to it!!!!

Is this just part of who I am? Is this my character? If so then I don't know how I am suposed to CHOOSE a career and STICK to it my whole life......aahhhh I mean seriously I'm not afraid to quit but I'm afraid to FAIL. Maybe by quitting I fail, but for some reason that's not the way I look at it.

Time to call home for some guidance ;)


Amanda said...

YOU JUST TOLD ME YOU WERE GOING TO CONTINUE! Arrrrrfggggrggdfgkldfhgksdfhgjds!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you just need to find a better program that fits your learning style better?

Ed Provencher said...

What is your learning sytle?

Louise said...

Hey Jen,

I've never been to a Korean class but would like to go to one, because I need to feel competitive. Unfortunately most of the curriculums in Korea are terrible so it was hard to find a decent one local to me. So instead I study two courses at the same time (Seoul University and Sogang University).

The Seoul University books are very logical and drills as well as teaches you how to apply the newly learned vocabulary/grammar/expressions in real life.

(The bad point about it is that the Seoul University books sometimes uses outdated vocabulary and spelling, so I get my husband to check it).

I have scrutinised other curriculums and while they look very pretty, they are badly organised and miss out the key elements of language learning: small steps in a grammatically logical order, repetition and application.

After studying I always try to apply what I have learned in conversation with my husband repeatedly so I don't forget.

Perhaps you are better suited to studying alone???

BTW I was organising my wedding and taking care of my family in Korea so I was too busy to update my blog. I will update as soon as I can with photos from our wedding and honeymoon.

Your fella looked very handsome in his shirt and new hair-do. When I first started dating him, I got my husband to dress smarter more often by complimenting him excessively every time he did it. I even gave his ego that extra boost by insisting that he looked so handsome that I would have to fend off the competition. It seemed to do the trick and he now habitually dresses up everytime we go out. Men!!!

He also seeems to enjoy being with children...a good sign!

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments.

I think I am most definately a visual learner. I need to see things on paper before I can actually start to remember them.

I'm gonna take this month off from studying and then see what happens. I am not very good at independant studies and my boyfriend doesn't know how to teach me or any grammar rules for that matter so that's out of the question....

Can't wait to see your pics Louise ;)