Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Glimpse of Shanghai

I definately have conflicting feelings about Shanghai -- when I first got there it was so open and free and the air appeared to be so clean, with clear blue skies. Can't you tell by the picture below.

But then when I was walking through the more confined and crowded areas I could definately smell and taste the polluted air. And at the end of each day my throat usually hurt ;(
I could definately tell that I was out of Seoul. It felt so different. The sideways appeared to be larger and there were less cars on the street due to the rule that Chinese citizens need to BID for their license (and then pay a lot of money if they want to obtain it). All the others who don't make the bid scoot around on old school bicycles. It was so cool to see that there was even a bike and scooter lane. In Seoul scooters and motercyclists weave in and out of traffic.

Here's some of the architecture that I found to be so fascinating. This building is where I stayed the first night. Brittney and I originally booked a hotel for the 3 nights and the other couple (Jennifer and Jason) stayed with a friend (Megan) that they knew. It turned out that our online hotel reservation was for a different part of China. Megan was kind enough to let us crash at her place the first night because of the hotel mishap. I'm very thankful for her warm hospitality.
I didn't take the bus anywhere because I was certain I would end up in the wrong spot. As you can see there is NO English on these signs

And how about these outfits. They sure make a statement ;)


Ed Provencher said...

I think Seoul is just plain dirty, but I've heard from others that China takes the cake for that. Is this your assessment too?

Anonymous said...

That's weird, you'd think with more people walking and riding bikes that there would be less pollution. Do you think it is from factories?

Why am I here??? said...

I think you're right that China takes the cake for that. Apparently we were lucky to have a few clear days while we were there.

Good point alessandrastarr. I'm not sure if there were less cars, perhaps there was just more space. Afterall, I'm certainly used to Seoul which is crowding at times. And I'm sure the factories have something to do with it too ;)

gp said...

The outfit of the girl on the right with the blue tights and pink shorts is undeniably over the top, but what's wrong with the lady on the left? Actually, i'd say she looks rather fit.

asiangarden said...

And I though Korea was the fashion trend setters for China! lol