Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye Friend

My dear friend Amanda is packing her bags and heading to America......sniff sniff. She's been a great friend and I will miss her dearly.........

...........Amanda likes to call this one 외국 사랑
I helped her pack the other day. Basically I sat on the couch and tried to encourage her. I also bought some things from her (yah right like I need any more stuff in my small apt.)
Sung Hyun came to pick me up (I'm so lucky) since she doesn't live in Seoul. Amanda gave him some of her cinnamon BIG RED gum because he had never tried it before.
And the verdict is............
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (hehe)

1 comment:

Kuri said...

That reaction to big red is awesome, lol. I feel the exact same way=^^=