Sunday, May 18, 2008

Amy's comment about foreigners couldn't have come at a better time:
My main reason why I don't necessarily like hanging out with foreigners is that
too often I run into foreigners here who really don't care to learn the
language, experience the culture, taste the foods, or accept their customs.

At first I was so excited about working at a public school with other foreign teachers. Well after my most recent trip to Shanghai, I am once again reminded of WHY I chose not to hangout with foreigners. Hence the reason I haven't posted anything about my trip. More on that later..........


Andy M said...

Why do you think I chose to live in the middle of f**king nowhere in Korea? :p

Why am I here??? said...


Diana said...

Also why I will never live in Seoul... :-)

It's ok Jen. You're a good foreigner.

Beloved said...

Ugh. Foreigners disappointed me so many times in Korea. I also made some excellent friends, though. I think it helps so much to refuse to join in with all the disparaging of the Korean culture/people that foreigners seem to love to engage in. Usually when I met new people and they realized that I was going to be positive about pretty much everything and defend Korea vehemently, they watched what they said around me.

Anonymous said...

Do your fellow teachers read your blog? How do they feel about you writing comments like that about foreigners?

Why am I here??? said...


Sounds like you and Diana feel the same way about that. It's too bad that that's the way it can be.


Yes I've got several FOREIGN friends whom I hang out with quite often. They are very special people in my life here in Korea (all of them have Korean boyfriends, so maybe that has something to do with it).....hehe


Anyone is free to read my blog, which is why it's on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer,

Before you start bashing all us foreigners who made your trip to Shanghai terrible, you should remember a few things. First it was a foreigner who put you up in her house and fed you breakfast. It was a foreigner who drug you all around the city all weekend. It was a foreigner who drug your bags around the city when you said they were too heavy to carry, it was foreigers who helped you drag you bag through the subways and airport, it was a foreigner who bought you guys water while he waited for you to finish shopping. Just because I don't speak Korean as well as you doesnt mean I havn't learned about Korean culture and it does not mean I do not respect it. I have decided while in Korea I am not going to be Korean, I am Canadian and damn proud of it. Next time you want to rip on me come up to apartment 302 and say it to my fu**ing face.


Why am I here??? said...


First off, I DON'T want to RIP on you. AND everyone is entiled to their opinion so thanks for saying who you are. Also I am not doubting the hospitality provided to me when we realized we booked our hotel in the WRONG city.

And yes thanks for carrying my bags for the walk home. Truly thank you!!!!

Now, I would like to talk with you both about this face to face(however, I think you were asleep when I came up last night). And EVERY attempt I've made to communicate with either of you at school has been haulted with short 'yes' 'no' answers.

Also I will say SORRY if you feel offended by my post. This is my blog and I will continue to write on here about my experiences -- good and bad.


I believe we both owe each other an apology. It can be done in person tomorrow. You can write a comment on here WHEN and WHERE you want to meet. Or just pop into my classroom and let me know.

Until then I will continue to say 'hi' and be civil with you both, and you can choose whether or not you will continue to ignore me.

I hope to speak with both of you tomorrow, or when it's convient for you!!!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jenn,
Did that guy say he "drug you.. drug your bags?!".. oh gosh. I'm assuming that's just a spelling mistake.
As for him venting like that and ASSUMING you're talking about him, maybe he should think about it more carefully. What's he defending, his coworkers or a guilty conscious?!!!
He needs to relax, seriously.

Anonymous said...

wow, what's the guy's problem? little sensitive.

Anonymous said...

"I am Canadian and damn proud of it."

And after that post, Canada must be damn proud of Jason, too.

Annie-Me said...


I share similar sentiments to foreigners that you do. Part of the reason I moved out of Seoul was to get away from all the negative energy that radiates from people that just don't like Korea or in some way have been mistreated and want to dwell on it and want to make everyone else dwell on it aswell.

When people don't have the decency to give you the time of day because they are pissed off over some petty thing that happened at an airport, then its time to just sit back and laugh. Laugh at the ridiculous and childish behavior of those who refuse to suck up their stupidity and actually talk to you like mature adults.

Honestly, I know you have to be around these people a lot but if their not going to make the effort to be friends, why should you have to continue to try. You tried, they declined. Don't sweat the small stuff. If they act like that, they really should be small in your life.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like Jason is getting all defensive, which means he isn't telling HIS side of the story either. What happened on this Shanghai trip anyways???

You know what Jen, you're better off NOT talking to him because by the tone of his post it doesn't sound like he would be willing to listen to your side of the story. At least you were decent enough to write something decent back to him.

Anonymous said...

I obviously understand that since this site is Jennifer's everyone is going to be in defense of her. But who really knows , i mean i haven't read one thing on this site about what actually happened. Instead of reading details into a situation you have no idea about, isn't it possible he is just sticking for himself? Isn't that the more likely scenario? I mean he is being insulted , saying he doesn't respect the culture, the language, the food, and being said he is not worthy of her time. Sounds to me like he is just defending himself and other good respectful foreigners, i mean its not like one incident of what him or these other "so called bad foreigners" did to piss her off so much? I mean what did they do, sounds like you just had a bad weekend, and decided to blame it on the fact that they are foreigners.
Isn't the heart of excepting different cultures, and different ways doing things, what you most of you speak of and why you Korea? How can you do this and then lump all foreigners into the same pile, bad apples and good,
Sounds quite judgemental to me, and isn't that what you try to avoid when excepting people for who they are (like appreciating a new culture) and not the group they come from?
Some of you talk about negative energy? Isn't the center of that hate, and predjudiced?

Anyways instead of hating on all foreigners, maybe you look at why you do, and look at yourself

Anonymous said...

If Jason is quilt free then why does he feel compeled to response to a comment like this. Clearly he is trying to defend his territory.

And no where in this post does Jen mention anything about JASON.

"I mean he is being insulted , saying he doesn't respect the culture, the language, the food, and being said he is not worthy of her time. Sounds to me like he is just defending himself and other good respectful foreigners".....
I guess if he took offense to the statement then that's an issue all on his own.

Also NOTE that Jen DOESN'T say that she hates foreigners or that they are all bad. So I agree with Amy when she says:
"As for him venting like that and ASSUMING you're talking about him, maybe he should think about it more carefully. What's he defending, his coworkers or a guilty conscious?!!!"

So take Annie-me's advice Jen and DON'T sweat the small stuff.

Bytheway, how is Seoung Hyun?

Anonymous said...

"But who really knows , i mean i haven't read one thing on this site about what actually happened."

Which makes you wonder why Jason is getting so defensive, no?

Why am I here??? said...

Hello Anony.

Sung Hyun is great. We are both preoccupied with trying to figure things out for Canada. It seems like there is a lot of red tape. There are options avaliable to him, we just have to find out what is the best (fastest, and easiest) way to go about doing it is....

I still don't know if he should go to school in Korea or not. Anyways he's trying his best and I'm so proud of him ;)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you hang out with foreigners? Are they really that bad? Do you know just how many foreigners are living in Korea? Are you not a foreigner yourself? This is a very bold statement for someone to say. I am a foreigner and I'm offended. That statement would be like if someone said to you "I am reminded of why I don't hang out with people from Canada" would you be offended?

I'm sure you have your reasons for writing that but I am going to have to agree with the minority of the writers on this blog.

Are you such an outstanding foreigner to make this comment?

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Actually yes... Jenn IS such an outstanding foreigner to make this comment and GOOD FOR HER TOO!!!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about coming to Korea....what makes a foreigner outstanding...also I would like to hear about this Shanghai trip..from both sides.

Why am I here??? said...

I've been operating my homepage long enough to know these anonyomous comments are NOT so anonymous, especially with the help of an online tracker.....ㅋㅋㅋ

I would totally recomend coming to Korea.....It's a difficult life but can be made easier if you learn a bit of Korea. Koreans love when you try to make an effort and generally they are quite welcoming people. The culture is quite amusing and I remember reading about some funny Korean customs like: never filling up your own alcohol glass and having to turn away from someone who is older than you when you drink. Also taking and accepting things with two hands was another thing I had to adjust to.

These things are second nature to me and when I go back to Canada for visits I continue to do them....hehe

One major thing that helped me love Korea was making some close Korean friends. There are several websites to check out to connect you with Korean people. Maybe start with a language exchange.

Also, there are a plethora of blogs to check out (all of which I read) about life in Korea. So find the extensive KOREAN BLOG LIST and read on because you can get some helpful information there too.