Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I'M SICK....................

.................But don't feel too sorry for me!!!!!!!!!!!

..............Because I'm going to Shanghai for the long weekend!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm gonna see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hyungwlee said...


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Annie-Me said...


isn't it funny when we can simple hop on a plane for a trip to china for the weekend.....and it costs the same or cheaper than a trip to Toronto back home?

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for you. :p Take lots of pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oooo Jen! If you get into the paper I will have to pick one up! Just don't give anyone any money!

Miss you

Cindee said...

I'm soo jealous that you get to go!! And I too will make it out there one day!! Good on you for maybe being published in the paper!!!! Exciting!

asiangarden said...

Wow! I am so jealous!

Anonymous said...

We want pictures!!!