Monday, April 14, 2008


I am the right amount busy. I feel like everything is balanced. I have been hanging out with my friends quite a bit and I am enjoying my teaching as well. On top of that I'm still plugging away at my studies. My schedule feels right!!!

Tomorrow I have a day off since it's the schools birthday. All I have planned is to sleep in, possibly cook a Western breakfast, straighten up a bit and chillax I had a day off last week too. I guess I better not get used to these sweet 4 day work weeks.

Bikini dancers!!!! Stores that have just opened will often hire dancers to promote their products (hehe, take that comment as you wish). This is a new glasses store that opened up down the street.

And what a great idea this is. I have never seen a digital reading purchase price so I just had to take a pic

The cute couple in matching EVERYTHING cuddles as they wait for their ice cream ;)


asiangarden said...

That couple is way too adorable! lol
hmmm, now I'm getting the urge to buy glasses...not! lol

Otto Silver said...

When I was on my way my agent told me to not hold hands with my girlfriend when I am in public. Korea is, after all, still very conservative.

OK then. I will not hold her hand. :)

Anonymous said...

as much as i love pink, its not the kind of color you match in ><
im glad youre life is balanced! enjoy it!