Saturday, April 05, 2008


The long hallway to my place on the right. The building is only one year old and was build especially for the teachers (although some Korean businessmen live here too).

The buliding manager (Mr. Kim) is super clean. There are cameras all around the building. We are required to sort our garbage into food, plastic, cardboard, general trash, cans and glass. Don't think of putting in an orange peel with your general trash b/c Mr. Kim goes through the garbage to see if we are following the rules. If we mix any of the things he will write "BAD ACT" on the bag and then call the school to report that at 3:49 room 206 had a BAD ACT.............haha so funny!!!! He's even got a video camera set up at the garbage drop off.

Here's what I see everyday when I open my door (except my place is NEVER this clean). I live in a studio apartment where everything is in one room.

Close up of my dining table. The Korean sign reads "hope"

Immediately to the left is my bathroom. You kinda have to tilt your head for this shot

And of course my shoe closet. I have stock pilled them since I can't seem to find a size that fits

The view of my bathroom while standing by the kitchen area

Very cool and modern looking

And look the best part is my seperate shower area........very very rare in Korea

The kitchen is on the right as soon as you open the door

Cute little monkey gloves

The rest of my place while I stand in the kitchen

Table, TV and exercise machine

Bought some pots the other day now I have to track down some plants to go in them

Sitting on my bed looking into the kitchen

My bed

Sung Hyun's poster on display

Night stand

Closet space (and lots of it)

Laundry room (with my clothes that have been there for over a week now)

So as you can tell my place is pretty small. But it's also very clean and modern looking. The best part is that the school pays for the apartment plus all the utilities!!!!!



Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jennifer,
Wow... lovin' the new pad you've scored! The laundry room looks pretty big and your studio apartment looks very modern. Congrats on the new home. As for your school paying for all the utilities... sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Great apartment! Love the bathroom. Where exactly is the laundry room located? I don't see any connecting door! :) Diana

Why am I here??? said...

Thanks Amy,
The next time you're in Seoul you're welcome to stop by with your lover

It's a shared laundry room for 6 ppl. But I still leave my clothes in the room even though the manager put us a sign that said "NO CLOTHS ALLOWED" if he makes me put them in my room I will tell him that I don't have any cloths stored there.......hehe

Daniel said...

nice place Jennifer!

a bit scary that the manager goes through your garbage though.

Beloved said...

Loving all the updates.

Your place looks awesome--especially the bathroom. I loved my studio in Korea. It was by far the smallest space I have ever occupied (with another person!), but it was clean and new. Best of all, like yours, the utilities (including air conditioner) were free.

Anonymous said...

Is it bigger than the last apartment? It looks bigger.

S said...

Hello! I'm Shana and I've stumbled upon your site as I was browsing blogs of people who teach English in Korea. I plan to teach in Seoul and was wondering what recruitment agency and what school is good?

I'm surprised to read that your school also pays for utilities! So far in my research I have not found that included. Would you please email me at so as to receive some helpful tips? Thanks in advance if you're willing to help. :)