Friday, April 11, 2008

New addition to my house

I'm super excited because I bought an oven online and it arrived in a day. Now I can bake cookies whenever I want (and apparently a whole chicken too)!!!

And after some rearranging it fits nicely in the corner beside my monkey gloves

And it works!!!!


Anonymous said...

What is that big pot on top of your new oven?? A rice cooker??
Sounds like you are enjoying your new purchase. Looks like a gigantic toaster oven.
Miss you !!

Momma Bear

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jennibear... hehehe. I've officially have renamed you JENNIFER after mixing you up with my Homegirl Jenn.
I figure it was about time I gave you a nickname and you're as cute as a button so the name just stuck with ya... hehehehe.
Jennibear, I am SOOOOO jealous of your new oven. That's awesome. I was sold on the whole idea of cooking a FULL chicken.. wicked!!!
If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost?... was it expensive???

Beloved said...

Ah--this reminds me of the toaster oven my mom sent me from the States when I first moved to Korea. I used that thing religiously (and so did a lot of my coworkers!). I left it when I moved back. I wonder if it's still working somewhere. Hmmm....

Why am I here??? said...


Yes it's a rice cooker. You should know since you have one.......oh wait you never use it!!! hehe


Sung Hyun is writing his big test today so that means after this he's free on the weekends. So we can finally come see you two in Cheonan for our date....hehe.....can't wait!!!

Oh yah and the oven was so cheap 40 000W so I definately recommend getting one. Get Q to buy it online GMarket or one of those KOrean sites....


If only I bought one during my first 2 years in's funny that your mom shipped one all the way to Korea for you (so nice). I bet someone out there is baking some goodies as we speak