Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Class

Welcome to my class. This is my room where I spend all of my time. I teach Advanced English to students grades 4 through 6. Sometimes they are little brats but mostly they are quite joyful and a fun to teach. My days go by so quickly and I find it hard to believe that I have been teaching these little ones for 2 months now.

This is my grade 5 class. They are the most fun to teach!!!

This is the grade 4 wall that I have created. We have been learning about DIVERSITY, so I had each group research about foods from around the world. They turned out very well and I was impressed with the work they did.

The grade 5 class did a unit on SEASONS so each group made a poem about something related to this topic

And last, grade 6 did projects on SEA animals.

Here is my desk. Yes I know it's messy but that shouldn't surprise anyone!!! Check out my huge TV where I show my kids powerpoint slides and listen to the occational song

Here's Jimmy. He's been to America and he speaks English fluently. He travels over an hour every morning to get to school. He's usually helpful but sometimes he likes to be rebellious.

And this is what happens if you tip the desk one to many times. By the end of the class this student also lost his chair!!!!

I try to keep my class interesting and exciting because I want these students to like English. So even when I am teaching about boring things like how to properly write a paragraph (above picture) I get creative. The blue tape is for the topic and conclusion sentence. The green represtents the supporting details and the yellow is for examples.

I am very strict but am not afraid to joke around with my kids. We laugh every class. We work hard but have fun!!!


Amanda said...

Dude, what's your class size?

Beloved said...

Your classroom looks awesome and you sound like such a great teacher. I wonder about your curriculum. Is there a set one that you follow? The thematic units you're doing seem interesting and fun.

Why am I here??? said...

The most kids I have is 15, the least class has 10 kids!!!

Ummm I've got one book. Some American language arts book with a workbook. I don't really have a curriculum to follow, I'm free to do as I wish...

Daniel said...

awww. that looks great. I'm sure you're a wonderful teacher! :)

Amanda said...

Oh I wish! My smallest regular class is 32, largest is 38!

(The after school advanced class is 21.)