Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letter from a student.....

hello Jennifer.

How are you.

I'm elementary student.

i'm missing you.

Jennifer teacher are you in korea?

If you in korea come to my house.

please, write to me.

Fron Brian.


I got this letter from a former student of mine. I emailed him my phone number and he called me the next day. I made plans to meet up with him on Sunday and I went to watch his soccer game. He was happy to see me again. I was too ;)
Brian and dad warming up

His cute little brother

Mom and son


Beloved said...

That was so sweet of you to go to his game. Don't you love getting "love" letters from students? I am still in touch with a middle school student whom I taught for only about a month...5years ago! She is such a sweetheart, but then all of my students are the BEST. :)

Anonymous said...

the mom is so beautiful!

JL said...

Jenni...thanks for the post! I wanted to ask you how interracial dating is viewed in Korea? Even though I'm Korean...I've grown up in the US since I was a baby & obviously don't know much about Korean culture. How has his family & friends been?

Tanya said...

hey jenbear,

Its so great that you get cute letters like that, must make you feel proud to be teacher. Its crazy how over here ppl frown upon children getting attached to teachers because it may cause problems but it seems like over there its so much more relaxed. Thats great. definitely keep teaching, u know you wont quit that!