Saturday, April 26, 2008

Korean Wedding

HELLO HANDSOME!!!!!!! My boyfriend ditched the green adidas cap for a day, waxed his hair and donned his new specks. Cleaned up pretty nice if you ask me!!!

Driving to the wedding hall, being Korean and taking pictures of myself with the kimchi sign.....hehe, love it!!!

Goofing around in the car

Some of Sung Hyun's friends

The model himself

K-BOYS (pre-wedding photos)

Definately have yet to see a Korean wedding in full. One minute I am standing in the lobby and when I enter the hall the bride and groom have already walked down the aisle. Dude why didn't they make some sort of announcement that it was about to begin? People we chatting on their cell phones and babies were crying.............ahhhhh definately not how I want to get married.

Most of the people didn't even watch the wedding, they went straight upstairs to the buffet table

I walked in at this point. They looked at each other, bowed and then turned their backs to us as we listened to the Korean man speak for 10 minutes

Saw the back of her dress for 10 minutes

Then they bowed to their parents

Held hands

And walked out

But not without some tacky streamers and some dry ice

Then a few photos later and the service was over

Less than 20 minutes in the hall watching the service ..............then up to the buffet tables for some food and drinks

Raw fish of all sorts (Sung Hyun's plate). He loved it and went back for more


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jennibear,

Wow... great pictures! Your man cleans up real nice, sweet! I love the cute little video too... and the fact that he killed the song and only got about 2 words right... hehehe.
Gotta love those K-boys!!!

Beloved said...

Haha. That was my Korean wedding precisely. Just my style--short and sweet. I was actually dreading it, because I didn't think I'd like one of those 2 minute wedding hall weddings, but it was SO much fun. I loved getting professional hair and make-up done. The only part I really didn't like was sitting in that little room on a pedestal before the wedding and having everyone gawk at me. Luckily, my friends stopped by and saved me from some of the weirdness.

asiangarden said...

Awww, looks expensive! lol

Anonymous said...

The bride is pretty buxom as far as Korean women go. hehe

Anonymous said...

your man cleans up pretty nice. But tell him to keep his day job.
Singing isn't an option. hehe
Momma Bear

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute :)