Monday, April 07, 2008

A cool afternoon

I met up with Kisu, Amanda, and her friend Diana on Sunday afternoon. After getting a quick bite to eat we headed off the book store for some Korean study books. Then we got interviewed by these two boys who had some school English project.

Here is Diana willingly answering their questions

And me with the two cuties

We originally had plans to walk around the art museum but we didn't want to pass up the nice weather so we chilled out by the Han river and studied some Korean

Then we took a break from our studies to eat some icecream and people watch

It was pretty busy at the park. Who am I kidding, it's always busy at the park. But today it was because of the blossoming cherry trees which looked oh so nice!!!

Then I met up with Sung Hyun and some co-workers for dinner (see all this eating out is killing me). But on the walk to the restaurant I bumped into SPIDERMAN!!! He was the dancing mascot for candidate #2 in recent election which was held on Wednesday. WHOAAA to a day off work (ahhhh the joys of working at a public school)

And if you're running for office, what better way to get support then dance around in the streets.........OH ONLY IN KOREA

Koreans and their garbage. It's so hard to find garbage cans in Seoul and if you do they are always stuffed. And as soon as one person places down their empty Starbucks cup then all follow suit.


t-HYPE said...

Um, is Spiderman in a different photo 'cause you're standing next to Superman!

Love your blog though!

Amanda said...

Wasn't it Spiderman who ran past us i n the park?

Why am I here??? said...

keke oppps wrong super hero. Okay so I'm standing next to Superman BUT it's true I did see Spiderman that day too