Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Visit to a friends house

Patricia and I used to work together. She's a great girl with a big heart and overall an enjoyable person. She invited me over to her place for dinner last week and I was so excited to have a home cooked meal (I have been hitting up the little orange restaurant down the street for lunch and dinner EVERYNIGHT).

Here she is slaving away in the kitchen/ bedroom (because in Korea it's just one big room to us)

This is the end result of her hard work. Yummy chicken breast served on plantains with melted cheese. This was my first time eating plantains (which tasted like bananas) and it was delicious. Definately something I would eat again and try to make.

And of course we tested out her new oven by making some nice (out of the Pillsbury can) cinnamon rolls.

Patricia is the queen of accessories. She's even got them nicely organized in her closet.

Thanks for the dinner 'P'!!!!!!!!!!

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