Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baking and bears

Yummmm I love this new oven. Seriously it was 40 000W online and for those of you in Korea who don't have one, get one now!!!

Mine even came with these three cute little baking tins, which was basically the reason why I chose this model
No cake is complete without Pilsbury icing

And last week I bought Sung Hyun this pink teddy bear shirt.......yup pink teddy bear shirt, you heard that right. The other day we walked by a shop that had this shirt in it's display window and I asked him if he would wear it to which he replied "Yes, no problem" I bought it!!!
Honestly this is one part of Korean culture that I love. I love that Sung Hyun's 'masculinity' is not threatened by something as trivial as a pink teddy bear shirt!!!!


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jennibear,
Hehehe... that's awesome! Q has the exact same shirt but in blue. I suppose they shouldn't wear it when we go on our double dates unless we want to confuse the locals as to who exactly are the couples... hehehe.
I love your cakes... looks delicious!!!

asiangarden said...

How cute is that! Both things the teddy shirt and the cakes! lol I love cute things! ;)

Chels said...


Let me know if you want me to bring anything from Canada for you. I still have some room in my suitcase, so let me know!!! I took your advice and bought Canadian things for my BF's 5 aunts, uncle and grandma. Thanks for the advice.