Saturday, April 05, 2008

Adventures with DoYoung

DoYoung has been my Korean friend for about as long as I have been with Sung Hyun. I like to hang out with Koreans because, well I'm in Korea. I make it a daily habit to step out of my Western bubble and interact with Koreans whenever I get the chance. It's very easy to come to this country stay for a year and NOT learn a lick of Korean or anything about the culture. I am proud to say I'm not one of those foreigners. I am proud to be in Korea and I love talking about it every chance I get.

DoYoung is such a kind person. He is so generous and I always enjoy myself when I am with him. The thing that I like best is he is willing to speak to me in Korean and will constantly help me repeatedly, even when I make the same mistakes over and over again. He is a wonderful teacher and friend!!!!

DoYoung is heading to Russia in about 9 days for a couple of weeks. He loves Russia, albeit it's probably the women he likes most ;)hehe!!!! So off we went to Dongdaemoon Market to hunt down a Russian restaurant tucked away in the alleys of Korea. We found what we were looking for and enjoyed some nice black tea along with a few menu items whose names I can't recall. This was my first time eating Russian food!!!

Then we headed to an island for a nice walk on a beautiful day. I remember coming to this island before. I first went there with my good Korean friend Charlie, who is now serving 3 years in the military. It brought back lots of memories of the good times I would spend with him. I do hope there is a time when we will get to meet again. I miss my old friend!!!!

What a great day indeed!!!!!

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Daniel said...

love all the photos as always!

and the last photo with you squating down and doing double V signs - too funny. :)