Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letter from a student.....

hello Jennifer.

How are you.

I'm elementary student.

i'm missing you.

Jennifer teacher are you in korea?

If you in korea come to my house.

please, write to me.

Fron Brian.


I got this letter from a former student of mine. I emailed him my phone number and he called me the next day. I made plans to meet up with him on Sunday and I went to watch his soccer game. He was happy to see me again. I was too ;)
Brian and dad warming up

His cute little brother

Mom and son


"Hello my friend, you have been the one, you have been the one for me"

Yup I made it to the James Blunt concert in Seoul and it was s.u.p.e.r.b!!!!!!!!

Definately, totally worth every penny I paid

This is the only clip I could get before my camera almost got taken away..........damn security people!! He's voice is amazing and even better in person. You can tell at the end of the clip when my friend is nudging me to shut off my camera before the security people caught me

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Korean Wedding

HELLO HANDSOME!!!!!!! My boyfriend ditched the green adidas cap for a day, waxed his hair and donned his new specks. Cleaned up pretty nice if you ask me!!!

Driving to the wedding hall, being Korean and taking pictures of myself with the kimchi sign.....hehe, love it!!!

Goofing around in the car

Some of Sung Hyun's friends

The model himself

K-BOYS (pre-wedding photos)

Definately have yet to see a Korean wedding in full. One minute I am standing in the lobby and when I enter the hall the bride and groom have already walked down the aisle. Dude why didn't they make some sort of announcement that it was about to begin? People we chatting on their cell phones and babies were crying.............ahhhhh definately not how I want to get married.

Most of the people didn't even watch the wedding, they went straight upstairs to the buffet table

I walked in at this point. They looked at each other, bowed and then turned their backs to us as we listened to the Korean man speak for 10 minutes

Saw the back of her dress for 10 minutes

Then they bowed to their parents

Held hands

And walked out

But not without some tacky streamers and some dry ice

Then a few photos later and the service was over

Less than 20 minutes in the hall watching the service ..............then up to the buffet tables for some food and drinks

Raw fish of all sorts (Sung Hyun's plate). He loved it and went back for more

My Class

Welcome to my class. This is my room where I spend all of my time. I teach Advanced English to students grades 4 through 6. Sometimes they are little brats but mostly they are quite joyful and a fun to teach. My days go by so quickly and I find it hard to believe that I have been teaching these little ones for 2 months now.

This is my grade 5 class. They are the most fun to teach!!!

This is the grade 4 wall that I have created. We have been learning about DIVERSITY, so I had each group research about foods from around the world. They turned out very well and I was impressed with the work they did.

The grade 5 class did a unit on SEASONS so each group made a poem about something related to this topic

And last, grade 6 did projects on SEA animals.

Here is my desk. Yes I know it's messy but that shouldn't surprise anyone!!! Check out my huge TV where I show my kids powerpoint slides and listen to the occational song

Here's Jimmy. He's been to America and he speaks English fluently. He travels over an hour every morning to get to school. He's usually helpful but sometimes he likes to be rebellious.

And this is what happens if you tip the desk one to many times. By the end of the class this student also lost his chair!!!!

I try to keep my class interesting and exciting because I want these students to like English. So even when I am teaching about boring things like how to properly write a paragraph (above picture) I get creative. The blue tape is for the topic and conclusion sentence. The green represtents the supporting details and the yellow is for examples.

I am very strict but am not afraid to joke around with my kids. We laugh every class. We work hard but have fun!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New and Exciting

I sent my dad an email on his birthday but never thought of posting a happy birthday on my blog. So here's to him -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !!!!!!!!!
Love you and like you (** nose rubs **)

Look at my new computer...........isn't it perty!!!! Well it's not exactly mine.........thanks Sung Hyun

I have started my own little mini earing collection. Pretty soon I can start up a store.......... Seriously though I love earings and how could you go wrong at $1 a pop

And guess who got to drive?!?!?!?

Don't worry mom I've got my licence. An eye test, 11 dollars, a 45 minute wait and I got it!!!! Watch out ppl's here I come

Saturday, April 19, 2008

One definately unexpected weekend!!!!

Chelsey my navy mate, came to Korea to visit her boyfriends extended family (Korean family of course). And the second night that she was here I invited her out for some dinner and drinks with some of my pals
And she scored me 10 boxes of Kraft Dinner and 12 Mars bars from Canada free of charge..............yummy. THANKS SO MUCH CHELSEY I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR KINDNESS
Chelsey, who had never tried SOJU before, definately had a memorable night. Instead of going back home to her boyfriends families house she stayed out the whole night (bad daughter, hehe).
First we headed to Hongdae and hung out with some Korean cuties. Then we managed to find a night club for some dancing. Except Chelsey, who has no clue where I live, left the night club to do some wandering around. I waited at the club until 6:20 am and then figured she wasn't going to come back so I went home. Miraculously she got to my house at 8:00 am, but with no wallet bag or basically anything she went out with. We went to sleep for a couple hours and then did some shopping in the hot Saturday sun.
We got a call from some random dude who found her wallet and was kind enough to call the number that was inside (my number). Sung Hyun picked it up for her and brought it back just in time for her to go meet up with her lucky girl!!!

We ate some 김치 찌개 and then we dropped her off in Dongdaemoon

One definatley interesting and totally unexpected weekend!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


I am the right amount busy. I feel like everything is balanced. I have been hanging out with my friends quite a bit and I am enjoying my teaching as well. On top of that I'm still plugging away at my studies. My schedule feels right!!!

Tomorrow I have a day off since it's the schools birthday. All I have planned is to sleep in, possibly cook a Western breakfast, straighten up a bit and chillax I had a day off last week too. I guess I better not get used to these sweet 4 day work weeks.

Bikini dancers!!!! Stores that have just opened will often hire dancers to promote their products (hehe, take that comment as you wish). This is a new glasses store that opened up down the street.

And what a great idea this is. I have never seen a digital reading purchase price so I just had to take a pic

The cute couple in matching EVERYTHING cuddles as they wait for their ice cream ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baking and bears

Yummmm I love this new oven. Seriously it was 40 000W online and for those of you in Korea who don't have one, get one now!!!

Mine even came with these three cute little baking tins, which was basically the reason why I chose this model
No cake is complete without Pilsbury icing

And last week I bought Sung Hyun this pink teddy bear shirt.......yup pink teddy bear shirt, you heard that right. The other day we walked by a shop that had this shirt in it's display window and I asked him if he would wear it to which he replied "Yes, no problem" I bought it!!!
Honestly this is one part of Korean culture that I love. I love that Sung Hyun's 'masculinity' is not threatened by something as trivial as a pink teddy bear shirt!!!!