Monday, March 31, 2008


One tired student. This poor kid fell asleep twice in my class (but don’t feel sorry for him because he’s a brat). It certainly wasn’t for lack of boredom because uh hummm, I am an awesome teacher, right?!?!!

Well he just so happens to be one of my afterschool students so on top of his full day at school he has to attend my class for 50 minutes and then he’s probably whisked away to attend 10 other private schools, anything from Art class to Computer lessons. Okay now you can feel sorry for him……….


Louise said...

looks like a familiar sight!

I know these kids can be a terror but you have to feel sorry for them.

Glad you got the paperwork sorted and are back in Korea with your other half.

What a nice a surprise with all those balloons in the boot of the car and the picture with it.

Songsu is not really one for suprise romantic gestures; when he does it tends to flop, and as this hurts his pride/namja-ness I think he has given up.

Still, he will marry me at the end of April (though we are officially married already), so I can't complain!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni, Welcome back! Where are the apartment photos! We want to see what it looks like!!

Anonymous said...

id feel sorry for him if i didnt know he's going to be rollig in $$$ when he's older. the ones who endure the most at the youngest, get the most at the oldest.

Why am I here??? said...

hey Louise, I'm so excited for your wedding. I hope you will be posting some pics on your site. I'd love to see them.

hey anony, I will clean up my apartment this weekend and make it a goal to get some pics of my pad (although don't expect much it is very small).

bman, glad to hear you're still reading my page. I've been to yours hoping that you will change your mind and start posting again.


Sorry girl I haven't been ignoring you. I have tons of free time at work to write you but I can't access my blogger or comments page so by the time I get home from work I forget to send you an email. I will write you one soon ;)

asiangarden said...

Aww, poor guy! lol

asiangarden said...

Oh, I was going to also add, I would feel bad for him, if I knew you were going to show this picture to his parents! lol

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo, yo Jenn,
I hear ya about the Korean hagwan system cramming up their time and bringing even the youngest of kids to exhustion. I'm happy in that my "kids", if I'd even call them that, are university level and the fact that there's MANY coffee vending machines scattered around campus.
I think they'd seriously die with out their 5 minute coffee breaks.