Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm lovin it

One day I walked to McDonalds for lunch. Yes I know it’s really really bad having a McDonalds so close to my work, but I have to walk up a hill to get back to work so at least I’m burning off a couple french fries, right? But get this, they’ve got delivery. So for those days when I don’t want to venture up the hill I’ll just call from my classroom phone and have them whip up the hill on their scooter and deliver right to my room……..SWEET!!! Okay, that’s even worse.

But anyways on to my point………

The day I was at McDonalds for lunch I saw these two high school boys whispering and looking at me. Then they started to do rock, scissors, paper – which is definitely the Korean way to settle a bet. I figured that they were deciding who was going to go speak with the ‘whitey’. And I was right!!!

The one boy in the picture lost the bet and so he came over to my table to talk with me while his friend recorded the whole conversation on his phone. Normally I would keep it short and tell him to bug off (because on most days I don’t like being treated like a zoo animal for everyone’s pleasure) but today I was feeling exceptionally nice and carried on a conversation with the young boy. Then I got his friend to take our picture.

One my way out I bought them both a McFlurry and told them to enjoy their day.

I’m sure I made them feel special. I hope I made them SMILE………because at McDonalds SMILES ARE FREE.


Amanda said...

How I deal with being a zoo animal depends on the day, but if they're in a group, I almost ALWAYS call the offender--inevitably the lowest level speaker of the bunch--out. I draw out some English then switch to Korean and ask why he's talking to me when he doesn't know English. His friends (always a him, too...) love it.

Sometimes though, I'm rather kind to them.

asiangarden said...

Awww, how cute! I bet the guy is going to hate his picture though! lol

Beloved said...

You are a saint. I had no tolerance for those kids in Korea. I know I should have been more understanding, but truly they annoyed the heck out of me. I guess occasionally though, I did show my soft side; I had to be in exactly the right mood. Maybe McDonald's would have done it for me. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

Btw, I came SO close to finally eating at Applebee's for the first time ever, but my typically Korean husband saw there was a wait and refused to stay until a table became available. I feel like I let you down, Jenn. So sorry! :)

Why am I here??? said...

ahhhh BELOVED ;( The waiting line should be an indication that it's that good that ppl will wait for it (try that one on your husband and see if it works)........I hope so b/c it certainly is delicious!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I would react to the zoo animal thing....I think somedays I would be fine but others I think I may just bite!!! LOL
Are white people that rare?? I think I would spend a day pretending to have never seen an oriental person just to show them what its in when someone comes up to me just because I was white I would poke them and make some comment like wow, you guys do exist....but then I am an ass. lol

Glad to see you arrived okay and are "happy" again.


Beloved said...

But of course, that's what the line means, however if you're from the land of bali-bali, you just don't see it that way. :(

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn,
... cause smiles at McDonalds are free... heheheh. Classic line, I love it...hehehehe.