Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm lovin it

One day I walked to McDonalds for lunch. Yes I know it’s really really bad having a McDonalds so close to my work, but I have to walk up a hill to get back to work so at least I’m burning off a couple french fries, right? But get this, they’ve got delivery. So for those days when I don’t want to venture up the hill I’ll just call from my classroom phone and have them whip up the hill on their scooter and deliver right to my room……..SWEET!!! Okay, that’s even worse.

But anyways on to my point………

The day I was at McDonalds for lunch I saw these two high school boys whispering and looking at me. Then they started to do rock, scissors, paper – which is definitely the Korean way to settle a bet. I figured that they were deciding who was going to go speak with the ‘whitey’. And I was right!!!

The one boy in the picture lost the bet and so he came over to my table to talk with me while his friend recorded the whole conversation on his phone. Normally I would keep it short and tell him to bug off (because on most days I don’t like being treated like a zoo animal for everyone’s pleasure) but today I was feeling exceptionally nice and carried on a conversation with the young boy. Then I got his friend to take our picture.

One my way out I bought them both a McFlurry and told them to enjoy their day.

I’m sure I made them feel special. I hope I made them SMILE………because at McDonalds SMILES ARE FREE.


One tired student. This poor kid fell asleep twice in my class (but don’t feel sorry for him because he’s a brat). It certainly wasn’t for lack of boredom because uh hummm, I am an awesome teacher, right?!?!!

Well he just so happens to be one of my afterschool students so on top of his full day at school he has to attend my class for 50 minutes and then he’s probably whisked away to attend 10 other private schools, anything from Art class to Computer lessons. Okay now you can feel sorry for him……….

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sung Hyun met up with me in Itaewon, not my most favorite area of Seoul, for some dinner and drinks with our buddy Shane who will be leaving in a week for a backpacking tour. We had a great time and hopefully we will be able to meet again in the future. If not in Korea, then certainly in Canada!!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll be back.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Subway vendors

Subway vendors – you’re certain to be entertained by these folks. They’ll try to sell you anything and their attempts at doing so are quite impressive. On any given day you may bump into a someone carting around their CD player trying to sell you English oldies, you most definitely will meet the gum vendors, or people selling wacky kids gadgets that they have operating on the subway floor.

On this particular day I met this man selling electrical dusters that spun when you held down a button. He sold four of these babies for $10 a pop in less than 4 minutes.

Hummmm a change in profession anyone?


Korean markets are everywhere. And this is what you usually see. Older women preparing, sorting and organizing food for super cheap prices. I still can’t get over how it’s in a grungy back alley, unrefrigerated and open to the elements. If you ever walk through one of these markets be sure to plug your nose, you’re certain to smell fish.

Fantastic friends

Meeting up with Amanda and Kisu is always so fun. This time it was extra special since Amanda had decided she wanted to buy a Korean traditional outfit. So we went shopping at the Hanbok store and picked out some good colours for her and her lover. They’re such a cute couple ;)

A great day with great people!!!!!!!!

Pick a colour

Of course Amanda had to wear these socks on they day she's trying on shoes

And this is the colour I want if I ever buy a hanbok

Chillin' out at the coffee shop after a successful day of shopping ;)

And for those of you who don't know what a hanbok looks like, here's a beautiful pic of one!!!

Work and play

Have I told you how much I love my new job? Well last Friday the vice principle took all the teachers out for a buffet dinner. SWEET!!!! The happy faces you see in the picture above were non existent when they had to roll us out of the restaurant since we were so stuffed afterwards.

Why I love KOREA

Korea always makes me smile (and cry too). But I love seeing little things like these:

Korean Fride…………

A colourful blob of shit (for those of you who can't quite make it to the bathroom....just let one rip in the street......Sung Hyun did)

And how much would you have to be paid to dress up / speak like a girl for an ad company?


Ohhh how about a Sung Hyun update?!?!?! Things are going well between us and we are still happily in love (okay okay don’t barf in your mouth). But really things are great and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Like the other day when he told me he got into a car accident and went into detail to explain how someone hit is passenger’s side door. Then he called me when he finally arrived at my house and asked me to bring down the camera so he could take a picture of his car.

Except when I got down stairs he lifted the trunk of his car and up floated helium balloons holding a silk screen banner with a picture of us from our trip to Canada.

Yup definitely caught me off guard with that one!!!!!

I'm back

Well for those of you who don’t already know, I’ve arrived safe and sound in Korea. Yah, talk about taking forever to update my blog BUT I haven’t gotten internet in my apartment until TODAY, so in the next little while I will have to give you the run down of my past month.

For starters, the new job is FABULOUS!!!!! I teach grade 4-6 at a public elementary school in Seoul. At first I was nervous to teach so many students but actually it’s not that bad since the most kids I have in a class is 15. I teach five 40 minute classes a day Monday to Friday. It’s pretty sweet when I think about it. Can you believe that’s only about 3 hours of actual teaching? I do however have an afterschool program 4 days a week for 50 minutes. So I guess it’s more like working 4 hours a day……hehe!!!! Either way my days are super sweet.

Shout outs to Amanda and Amy for giving me some classroom disciple assistance. Thanks ladies!!!!!

I’ve got my own classroom and have already started to decorate the walls with stamp charts and monthly theme projects…….YAY me!!!! I have my own printer AND computer in my room, along with internet. Yet for some reason I am unable to access BLOGGER, which explains my lack of updates.

The teachers at the school are great!!!! We get along very well and they are so wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for better gals (and guys)!!!! We are even planning a group trip together sometime in May. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that flight times will work out.

My apartment (pictures to follow sometime this week) is very small (hey, it’s Seoul) BUT very modern and super clean. In fact, it’s a new building built specifically for the teachers at our school. It has a built-in wall unit and even a shower (yahhhhhh, can you hear my cheers?!?!?!). Seriously I haven’t had a shower door in the last 3 apartments I’ve been in so I’m super excited about that. The apartment is a short walk (about 15 minutes) to work – up hill. I certainly will be burning a lot of calories in the summer when I’m sweating my a$$ off. Or maybe I should buy a scooter?

Well that’s all I can think of? Anything else you want to read about?