Monday, February 18, 2008


Two weeks ago I went to Minot, South Dakota, USA with my momma to go shopping. But I think we ended up doing more eating. And for all those Americans who are close to an APPLEBEE'S all I have to say is I. am. JEALOUS.

The FOOD is FABULOUS!!!! Here's a peak at some of the goodies:

Chicken macaroni and cheese with Asian chicken salad

Chicken Casadia with shrimp spinach salad

Icy Lemonade

And a little trip to Taco Bell (the only other restaurant we ate at) so we didn't look like we were stalking Applebees

And my moms favorite place..........SUPERWAL-MART!!!!! Holy snap this place is huge I couldn't even get it in the frame

They even have benches so that you can rest while you shop

My mom scored with all the light potatoe chips that they had there. She stocked up b/c we aren't able to get them in Canada. You should have seen all the other food items we had. The cashier asked us if we were having a party.

And I definately scored big time in the clothing department. I am sure I will be past my weight restrictions when I go to Korea but I'll have a whole new wardrobe to show off.


Annie-Me said...

I think if the super walmart was put into floors it would probably be the same size as some of the Emart or homepluses around here. Minus the WESTERN goodies of course! Are you missing Korean goodies yet?

Beloved said...

Wow! You put my shopping to shame. :)

Would you believe--there is an Applebee's 30 minutes from me and I've never been? I think it is similar to Chili's though, which I love.

asiangarden said...

We have an applebees close by, but it has been a while since I went, although I may have to stop in since your pics made me hungry! lol
They are building a super wal-mart only about three minutes from us! So exciting it opens in two weeks...but it isn't as big as the one in your picture, it still will be really cool I think.

Why am I here??? said...


Not missing Korean goodies but certainly missing my Korean man (and Dalk Galbi)


Never been to Chili's but if it's as good as Applebees then I'm there in a heartbeat. BELOVED WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK........I miss reading your blog


Yup it's awesome and makes me hungry when I look at the pics too. Super Wal-mart 3 minutes from your place............ahhhh

Anonymous said...

where is a peoples...

Sandra said...

The super walmart closest to my house isn't as big as the one in your picture, but I think I could spend all day there, every day, just walking around looking at all the stuff they have.

We love applebees, last year we got back part of our tax refund in applebees gift cards ($250), it didn't last long.

Jenna said...

I love those Kettle Cooked Lays! I always stock up on them when I go to the states too.

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jenn,
I gave in... I scrolled down and stared for endless minutes at your pictures of the sinfully delicious food. I could feel the calories coming through the computer screen... hehehe. Just jokes.
Glad to see that you are enjoying yourself, good stuff. As for packing the grocery cart full of those chips, yikes! Thankfully I don't really have a liking for chips or a sweet tooth. My weakness, oddly enough, is bread. I'd do anything right now for the pleasure of eating even just a slice of bread... hehehe. Ahhh... stress!