Friday, February 08, 2008

PARTY 25!!!

Before Kim headed back to London for some adventures abroad, we decided it would be splendid to spend one more evening together at her place.

Kim's mom made us this wonderful cake that was super moist and delish.

And no party is complete without a mix of drinks

So that's how we started the party, everyone did a shot(or two)

Here are the two birthday gals. Kim on the left and Tanya on the right

Me and Crystal chilling out at the food table

Evan and Tracy enjoying the cake. Don't think Evan's gonna share any of his

Loads of food, loads of friends, loads of laughs

Tanya and her MAN Stevo

One shot

Benson and me goofing around with the camera

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Anonymous said...

I dont know why. I wasnt raised this way. I guess i came up with these morals myself.
Ive always been really against drinking and drugs. Im not bashing you for doing it, i just see this and it reminds me how different i am from my peers...and how sometimes i feel guilty for feelings this way for little reason. I guess im just scared of the beer, the shots, the drugs...