Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Supper

Dinner with my friends before I leave to Korea.

Loving Jenna's Korean Kimchi fingers........I think I have her trained
Jenna and me

Steve and Tanya

Nicole and me

Jen and Tracy

Chris and Jen squared

Dinner was great and it was nice to say good-bye to all my friends. Miss you all and see you in a year!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jenn! I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and have been reading it occasionally... so I am aware of your struggles in getting a work visa... just wanted to say congrats! Keep blogging... as I certainly enjoy reading about your adventures in Korea

Why am I here??? said...

SWEET THANKS for the congrats and for reading my blog!!!!!

Are you in Korea too?!?!

Anonymous said...

nope - I'm in Regina but I'm a substitute teacher. I've contemplating teaching overseas in the past... but have missed "my boat" so I'm living vicariously through you... I really enjoy your stories & your pictures... I feel like I sort of know you already... (not in a creepy way of course).

Have a good flight to Korea!