Monday, February 11, 2008

Game night

I wanted to throw up some 'happy' pictures because everytime I enter my blog my BIG VISA PROBLEM smacks me in the face. I have thought about removing it but won't because of everyone's comments and assistance. All the info provided to me has definately been helpful and I have just decided not to stress because in the end things will work out -- they always do.

So let's move onto an amazing night with these wonderful ladies.

Just the four of us gals plus one guy. But we sent him to bed early since he was exhasted from the night before. Some/ lots of drinks, snacks and games was exactly what I needed for a Saturday night.

Me and Jenna with her friend Stacey in the middle. Stacey was such a wonderful host and was definately responsible for the remarkable night.

Starting with the drinks

Jen didn't like hers so much

Then a few hours passed so it was time to snap random pictures of ourselves

And no party is complete without the 'I heart you' sign. If you notice in this picture Jen thinks I'm gonna smack her

And you definately need a Kimchi picture also

Thanks for the great memories ladies!!!! Definately an awesome night


Sandra said...

Awe. You guys are cute. I need to go out more often. :p

asiangarden said...

Adorable! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

"in the end things will work out -- they always do."

They indeed do; it's really amazing. You have such a wisdom.