Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Annual Christmas Dinner

Every year a group of us always gets together to have a Christmas gathering. It usually always involves eating so we always make reservations at some restaurant. Now I know Christmas was over a month ago so I should have put these pictures up before, but I didn't have them. I had to harass my friends till they got sick of my complaining (unfortunately for them my camera didn't have batteries that night)

So here is the gang -- can you spot me?

My blackened chicken pasta
The best part of the night was heading the Chucky Cheese afterwards (and ditching the guys) to play some video games
This was a rollercoaster ride that made us both dizzy

Jen and me in our (almost) matching shirts doing a little bowling -- she kicked my butt
Then off to race on the motor bikes

Crystal and Tracy rocking the water gun game

And me scoring big time........

.........on this monopoly light game

Another great night with the gals

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Sandra said...

You guys always do such fun things :)